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so I blame my friend Tina for getting me hooked on these things! but I'm glad she showed me the light! I love them so much! It's exciting to see the different things people come up with! But I WILL be honest and give advice on stories. ITS ONLY MY OPINION YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LISTEN!

  • "It's ok. I like you too." I said smiling. After that, we got up and walked back to the car. He grabbed my hand and we interlocked fingers. I was kinda hesitant towards doing it at first but soon gave in. I know this should be one of the happiest moments in my life, but there's just one little problem. He's 21.

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    Published: 05/03/2007 - Updated:05/19/2007
  • She was beautiful. Her eyes as green as the summers grass, blowing in the wind. Her hair as dark as coal, and her skin as smooth and soft as silk. I remember spending all summer with her. The days would be wasted away watching the clouds roll by as her hand was laced in mine.

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