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So I never ever know what to put in these things. It's either you sound to cocky when you do them, or you sound to modest. Either way it's a losing battle. Kinda sucks majorly, don't you think?

Anywho... Names Jazmine. Seventeen be the age.I'm totally in love so that means no I'm not looking, nor will I be. I like a lot of stuff that no one else does and my boyfriend says I'm attracted to the wierdest things. But I can't help it if I like the curve of a neck.

So I'm kinda obssessed with music. I play multiple instruments and I sing(just not in front of a lot of people). I also looooooovvvvvveeee musicals. Like a whole lot. I like all different genre's and I tend to like the music no one expects me too.

Movies are another thing I'm in love with. I really enjoy watching well crafted movies. And I am a self proclaimed movie whore, soley based on the number of movies I've seen. :D

I'm also very obssessed with writing and reading. I spend most of muh time doing it. I'll read just about anything that you give me. Hardy har har even porn