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I'm a music fanatic first and foremost. I live eat sleep and breathe music wherever i am.secondly, writing is my other love. I plan to make a career out of writing, I just dont know in what aspect yet. I'm a firm surporter of PETA and any other organization against animal cruelty, which yes means I am vegetarian. I'm opinionated, and stubborn and set in my ways, so please dont try to change me :D I absolutely love talking to people, and getting constructive critisism on my writing, Thats why I write, to get better and to possibly entertain all of you. I'm Canadian. I live in the country, until I move out of my mothers house again. I'm 19 which is super awesome lol. I'm also the biggest nerd you might ever encounter. :D
I love talking to people, to feel free to send me messages on myspace here or on msn.

**I Promise I am working on my story... I'm having some trouble getting it to flow right... but soon pinky promise! and thanks for the support my dears!**

  • Lyric and Billy were summer friends, even considered best friends. But after a tragedy in Lyrics family she stops going to Maryland for her summers and she and Billy lose contact. Years later she gets a second chance to be friends with him and his bandmates, one in particular catching her interest.

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    Published: 08/20/2006 - Updated:08/20/2006