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I never ever know what to write in these bio thingy's. I can never decide what people want to know about me and what they don't. Basically I'm 24..I LOVE music...I live in stories will tend to take place here just cuz I don't really know anything about anywhere else and I believe that in order for a story to be good you have to write what ya know. I LOVE local bands and any band I mention in any of my stories is a real band.

LJ username= rotten_daisy
Random Crap About Me

I love the color pink.
I feel naked if I don't have eyeliner on.
I like to wear tiaras they're fun.
I dream of being a rock star.
I like to write but will rarely let anyone read it.
I have Bi-Polar disorder.
I'm really shy when I first meet people.
I have a fascination with pirates.
I adore the ocean.
I'm afraid of storms.
Music is life, life is music.
I collect frogs.
I want my lip pierced but can't have it.
I'm Irish
I'm not a great driver.
I hate where I live but am too scared to move away.

Breakdowns and Broken Glass

Wasted time take it away.
Heal my broken body
Bullshit lines throw them away
I don't hear the words you say

Now that its over take it far
Now that it's all done throw it away
Grasp it now Choke it down
See you at the Mother fuckin Breakdown
Cry out loud for something real that's never found
So here I am broken glass our love's second rated
Not meant to Last.

Lyrics by Aaron Young