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My name is Jessica and I've been a member on here for a long time. =] I used to be known as Dark07Angel, but when we could name change back in yonder years, I changed my name. Not much better I know, but still an improvement.

I'm still all super popular on the top reviewers chart!
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Haha, still going strong in the top ten after being inactive for four years, yay me!

  • Paul's twin sister Jessica lives with him and the band in Los Angeles. After dating for over a year, she and Benji have had a nasty breakup. What will happen to their world when Jessica and Joel switch bodies the day before Warped Tour?

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    Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Suspense
    Story Type: Alternate Universe, Parody
    Warnings: Abuse, Rape, Self-Harm, Violence
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    Word count: 15813
    Read Count: 666
    Chapters: 15
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    Published: 03/08/2005 - Updated:08/21/2006