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My name isn't really Kit. This is my author name. All good authors use them, correct?
No, I'm not a good author.
I don't like Good Charlotte but I enjoy writing Good Charlotte fanfics. This makes sense, of course.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, I will be quite honest and say that I don't always finish my fanfictions. Actually, I've never finished a fanfic. There, I came out and said it.

I preferrably like reading and writing Joel/OFC fanfictions. And ones with cutting, death and suicide are not a favorite.

I think for now I will stick with a continuous fanfiction and a few one chapters.

Feel free to leave comments and reviews.

- Kit

  • Good Charlotte has become a misunderstood band. First they were a couple of kids riding around in a van and now they are getting the deluxe suites in hotels and only the finest luxuries out there. But their attitude problem is also another factor. If only everyone knew what they went through.
    ((1 chapter fanfiction))

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