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I am twenty-six years young.
I am a Cosmetologist! :)
Laughter and kind words are definitely the way to get your name scribbled onto my heart.
I adore Good Charlotte
I love love love to write.
I absolutely love photography.

Sexual Humor & Energy Drinks.

Judge me if you must, i'm sure that's what you've already done. I know who i am & i love it :)

  • When the life of Daniela Valdez is turned upside down after she finds out her newborn sister is the daughter of a member of her favorite band, what can she do? Hate him for changing her world and her family or accept that he is the key to her happiness. Follow her on a journey to self-acceptance, love and finding the true meaning of family.

    Categories: Het Pairings, Band Centric
    Characters: Benji/OFC, Chris/OFC, Joel/OFC
    Genres: Action, Angst, Drama, Romance, Suspense, Tragedy
    Story Type: None
    Warnings: Death, Drug Use, Self-Harm, Underage Sex
    Series: None
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    Word count: 116141
    Read Count: 3160
    Chapters: 32
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    Published: 08/01/2011 - Updated:08/25/2011