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i love good charlotte.

i used to be obsessed

but i've moved on.

i enjoy other bands also like

the used, a7x, tbs, rja, fob, sf,

btm, mest, sp, mcs, silverstein,

goldfinger, fftl, and others

i really like benji, he was my

first "famous" hero and love.

i used to write fictions but i realised

i kinda sucked so now i just

review and read

actually, you know

maybe i will write a little somethin'

it could work

other than all that my name is jory

and i'm 15, going on 16.

i enjoy long walks on the beach and--

no i'm just kidding, i like warped tour

and just hanging out at local shows

and hanging with my friends

and riding my horse

i live a pretty simple life

If you do not review my fanfics

i won't update or i will delete them

because i don't want to write

if nobody's reading it

treace out

[[but seriously, i really love
jepha from the used]]

Holy flying broccoli!
i just found my old name
that i forgot! haha
it's GCBenjiCrazedFan
so who you see there
is me!! wow this is amazing.
i'll probably repost my stories

okay now i'm seriously outta here!

  • There's these two girls, Jory and Kate, and they just happen to be neighbors to this skinny kid named Billy. Inevitably, Jory and Kate, being the good friends they are, are going to meet the rest of Billy's new band. The downfall? Benji falls for one of them [[big mystery there]], but he can't let go of his dream girlfriend with the perfect body and beautiful blonde hair and the girl can get fed up with how blind Benji can be sometimes.

    Categories: Het Pairings
    Characters: Benji/OFC
    Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
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    Warnings: None
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    Word count: 10604
    Read Count: 408
    Chapters: 4
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    Published: 08/22/2006 - Updated:09/04/2006