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Funnily enough, I live in Australia...so if I get any places in the US wrong, I'm sorry.

I am 18, finished Yr12 last year, and was on the West Cost of the States in January. Had the time of my life.

I am currently at TAFE (which is like university/college) studying Digital Media, which involves animations, video production, set model building, etc, etc.

I love my music, friends, at times my family and definately life. At times, I even find some arts interesting.

I listen to a wide range of genres in music, play the piano saxaphone and a bit of guitar

My main supporter in my story writing is one of my best friends Caitlin, and she is also my proof-reader. Gotta lover her :)

Feel free to add me on myspace (yes, i have an account and i have no life) or feel free to add me on msn:



  • Being a band member's PA isn't as easy as you may think. Especially if you have a crush on your boss!

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    Published: 12/19/2005 - Updated:11/18/2007
  • Okay, first we need to get a few things straight. You know how girls are always like, “Oh, My, God! I never trust a guy when they say ‘I’ll call ya tomorrow babe’ because, they never mean it”, well…to me, I take every relationship, either friendly or intimate with a guy seriously.

    You see, when I was 18, my boyfriend and I had s**, and he was like ‘It wont hurt’ and ‘Don’t worry, I’ll still be here in the morning’ and I even got ‘This wont change anything in our relationship’. Well, guess what. He was wrong about all three statements.
    1. It hurt like a bitch,
    2. He wasn’t there in the morning, and
    3. I never saw him again, so it sure as hell made a huge impact on our relationship.

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