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*I never wanted to be different i only wanted to be Me*

* Im a sad little girl who uses quotes and pictures to tell how i really feel

* I had my time to grow up moment when i hit a tree at about 70 miles an hour

I have fought for 20 years to keep myself alive

* I dont look for pitty, however i often choose to crawl on my hands and knees through hell to get the things i desire

*Im an artist, I sing I write, I draw, I create, I love to work with my hands

* Im moving to LA to do what i love

Body modifications and twizzlers make me giddy

so does a boy with a chisled jawline, a guitar, and a neck i can sink my teeth into

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They are not my obsession...

They are my Salvation

  • Interviewer: "So, did anything interesting happen while you guys were in Europe?" JMaddenGC: "We stayed in a haunted castle in Germany." BMaddenGC: "We stayed in a haunted hotel in Germany." Can Benji and Joel help a lost soul find what they have? What he once had? Or will it be one really long stay in a haunted castle/hotel in Germany?

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    Published: 11/04/2005 - Updated:11/04/2005