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  • Billy is raped and Benji takes it upon himself to seek vengeance for his timid friend, but he is unaware of what this may entail. A strong, heterosexual man, he is used to his exhilirating life of touring, playing his guitar in his band Good Charlotte and having meaningless sex with anonymous women. He is oblivious to the changes that await him...

    Categories: Slash Pairings
    Characters: Benji/Billy, Benji/Joel, Billy/Joel
    Genres: Action, Angst, Horror, Romance, Suspense
    Story Type: None
    Warnings: Abuse, Death, Drug Use, Rape, Self-Harm, Suicide
    Series: None
    Reviews: 8
    Completed: Yes
    Word count: 6568
    Read Count: 1307
    Chapters: 5
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    Published: 08/16/2006 - Updated:09/06/2006
  • Benji is almost killed in his car, the rain pounded down upon the road and it does so upon the window in his hospital room, he enjoys the company of his visitors- but one more than the others...

    Categories: Slash Pairings
    Characters: Benji/Billy
    Genres: Angst, Romance
    Story Type: None
    Warnings: None
    Series: None
    Reviews: 1
    Completed: Yes
    Word count: 2673
    Read Count: 287
    Chapters: 1
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    Published: 08/19/2006 - Updated:08/19/2006