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Well I'm Seventeen, almost Eighteen. Just finished high school hell and will soon be moving on to college hell. I love writing it's what I'm usually doing. Fan fictions are just great to write because so many people love to read them and because some of the characters are already known. Less you have to make up and people already feel connected to them since they are their favorite bands.


Music: A7X, Social Distortion, Atreyu, Minor Threat, Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Green Day, Fall Out Doy, He is Legend, Showbred, The Chariot, Farless, Underoath, Rancid, Transplants, Lars and the Bastards, Thrice, Story of the Year, The Beatles, etc.

Movies: Lord the Rings, any 80's movie, any Kevin Smith movies.

Books: Lord of the Rings, Helter Skelter





Rap- can't spell crap without rap

Some pop

people who try to hard to be something they aren't

most people in general

some demorcats, most


Fucking Zacky V.

Sad but true...I'm completely hooked

That is my puppy and the love of my life!