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Real Name: Jaana-Beth Virta

Nickname:J or Ana

Eyes: Light Green

Hair: ( DarkBrown naturally) Blonde and short (A bit above the shoulder) and layered..Blond,Light pink& light brown Extentions at the moment.

Appearance: Pettit - Short and Thin

Birthplace:Kotka,Finland. Then Medina, Ohio (at 7)..Then Back to Finland (10 years old)..

Birthdate: October 28, 1987

Current Residents: Costa Mesa,California / Helisnki Finland
Atreyu,Mest,My Chemical Romance, Jack's Mannequin,The Used,HIM,The Bravery,CKY,Jet,Avenged Sevenfold,The 69 eyes, Green Day,Pinkly Smooth,FFTL,AFI,The street drum Corps,Something Corporate,The All-American Rejects,Alexisonfire,The Rasmus,The Trews,Billy Idol,Hedley,The bloodhound Gang,Billy Talent,Thrice,Silverstein,Protest the Hero,Fall out boy,Aiden,18 Visions,BuckCherry...ect

Fav. Place: Finland

Fav Movies:Dimino,Interview with a vampire,Lost Boys,Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Harry Potter,CKY2K, Seed Of Chuck,Napoleon Dynamite,Dirty Dancing,Haggard,The nightmare before Christmas, Torque,Beetle Juice, The fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious,Queen of the Damned,The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, Pairates of the Caribbean,Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,Sleepy Hollow,Edward Scissorhands,Just Friends,Jackass The Movie, Lords of Dogtown,Jeepers Creepers,Jeepers Creepers 2, C.R.A.Z.Y,Lord of the Rings, Sin City, The Thing, King Arthur, Kingdom Of Heaven, Van Helsing, Blade Trinty, Hostage, The Island, The Goonies, The Last Samurai, Alien VS Predator, League of extraordinary Gentlemen, Spawn, Eight Below, Bram Stoker's Dracula

Fav Actor: Keifer SutherLand

Fav Actress: Michelle Rodriguez

Fav TV Show: Dog the Bounty Hunter, Criss Angel Mind Freak, Miami ink, Csi, Family Guy..

Fav Color: Lime Green, Purple

Tattoos & Piercings: 3 Piercings (Tongue,Nose,Belly botton) 5 Tattoos ( lower back, shoulder blade, Fore arm, Wrist and hip.)New new on my foot..

Hobbies: Movies,Music,Writing, Reading,Driving Anywhere, Just getting out, Hanging with my friends

Likes: Red Heads, My Dogs(Jalo and Leah) My cat(Krisi), Music, Movies, anything Loud, shiny or colorful...

Hates: Shoping, Doing Dishes, Dance clubs

History & Family: My history lets see... I have alot of different cultures in my blood. My mother was born in Canada and is half French well my Father was born in Finland and has Full Finnish blood so that makes me Half finnish with some french and Native (my grandmother on my mother side was Native).. I have two sister both younger than me (my parents had me very young hens My name LOL) Kelly who's 2 years old and Michele who's 5 years old and if you hadn't alreayd figured it out I'm now 19..

Thats me I guess......Feel free to email me or add me to msn.. Silent_Syn212@hotmail.com

  • Secrets Sometimes have away of getting out...August 21, 2005 Jennifer Harte lead singer in the band 'Logical Insight' admitted in a recent interview for MTV to having a secret crush on Good Charlotte's guitarist Benji Madden. What might come of this we don't know but we do know that both band will be present for the up coming Video Music Awards I'm Leah and thats all for MTV news.

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