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Uhhh, my is Annie, I'm 15 and I love Good Charlotte. Is there anything else that is dieing to be said? Not that I can think of, but if I come up with anything I shall gladly update this Bio thing ^.^

y0, I'm totally going to add something bitches^.^ right now im feeling ghetto, I'm having a Joel moment *tee hee*. Anyways, I had to add that Hilary Duff is satain and I hate her with an extreme passion! She should die! Now this isn't because the lucky bitch gets to date Joel that is only like .5% percent of the problem. It's the fact that she is living the life that I want to live (minus the hatrid part from hundreds of GC fans). Why should she be a famous actress/singer if she can't do either where I have the tiniest bit of talent?! Just had to get it off my chest. byes

  • Benji is hopelessly in love with Joel but is questioning if he should feel this way. Joel is also having the same feelings. What is reality and Why is it being so cruel to me?

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