Real name: Jenna
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I'm a lazy ass. I love my friends and music and writing. Oh yeah, and photography. How could I forget that? I never leave home without a camera. I detest self-absorbed assholes and bad grammar. Apoptygma Berzerk and Covenant make me want to suck your blood; Aqua and ATB make me smile and shake my moneymaker; and I can even be found listening to Jay-Z or Sean Paul on occasion. Oh yes, and Justin Timberlake is my boyfriend! We're bringing sexy back. I don't have many secrets. I don't like liars. I hate ignorance. I believe in steadfast loyalty, but I won't tattoo it on my hand or neck. I heart dreamy tattooed boys. Usually they are stupid, dirty tattooed boys in lame bands. I love burrowing in my blankets on cold winter nights, and drinking hot cocoa. Or caramel apple cider from Starfucks. I recently got told that I look like a work for a record label. Cause I'm cool like that. I try to be good to the people that are good to me. You should too. It's not cool to shit on people. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it. Be yourself. Don't be a sheep. Umm, and yeah. I'm pretty much what you see is what you get. I like to joke around and I have a fabulous sense of humor. I'm a cool chick. I love helping people. I love giving advice. I'm like the Dear Abbey of my friends. Think of me as a therapist who doesn't get paid, really. And that's probably why I need the paid therapy. And yeah, and I try to copycat Tionne, because I think she's a genius! I'll shut up now.

Note for 10/8/07: I am REALLY sorry but this is literally the first time I am visiting this site in months. I recently started my own business and I have been swamped with real life bullshit. Please have patience with me. I didn't stop smutting over the GC boys. ;)