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For everybody who always asks me what sukka means. It means bitch in Russian. I'm not a bitch, I'm actually very nice. But if you push me too far I can be a very big bitch.

I love writing. Poems, stories, songs. All sorts. Though I'm best at poems. If you ever want to read them and tell me your opinion, let me know and I'll share them with you. I love writing poems!! Look at how excited I get.

I also like writing stories though. Thus thats why I am here. The story I've been posting has to do with GC. Obviously! I wrote it three years ago after seeing them at warped tour. I'll admit it though, I'm not a fan anymore, thought I did enjoy writing this story.

Ok...I'm finished.

  • She left home to find a new life and ended up working on Warped Tour. Read to find out the adventure Erin gets herself into. -And thats why I dont like writing summaries, Im horrible at them!- Its a good story. Reviews are always welcomed.

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