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One day, one day I will be Mrs.Benji Madden. Until then, I will be Wolfy.

Benji is my antidrug!

Which Good Charlotte guy is your anti-drug?
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You're Benji you big weirdo!!! ;)
Benji Madden- you are one kooky, weird person, but
in a GOOD way!! You're hair is probably
changing so much that your not sure what color
it currently is!!! You're a bit more
"freaky looking" than your brother,
which might make people label you as a freak,
but if people would just get to know you they'd
love you as much as we do!! ROCK ON BENJI!!!

What member of the Madden family are you?
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You are the liberty spikes.

what thing of benjis are you?
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Benji- tehehe benji. the punky one. just dont make
me too jealous

Which Good Charlotte member are you likely to marry?
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  • Jen and her best friends get to meet Good Charlotte. Her friends saved her from suicide once before but doing it again is going to be hard. Can Benji help?

    Categories: Het Pairings
    Characters: Benji/OFC
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    Warnings: Suicide
    Series: None
    Reviews: 14
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    Word count: 6423
    Read Count: 4313
    Chapters: 7
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    Published: 07/11/2005 - Updated:08/30/2005