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Okay, incase I am mysteriously deleted again, all my stories are on my live journal account here. Sorry if you posted one of the lovely reviews, they too were deleted.
About me: I'm a redhead, all those stories about redheads having REALLY bad tempers apply. I'm on this whole "non-violence" thing right now, and it's putting me on edge. Badly. I [hearteth] Led Zeppelin, AFI, Simon and Garkunel, Kill Hannah, and a lot of other bands that I don't want to type out. A lot of people pretend to be afraid of me... I don't know why, but they do, and though I don't get, I don't mind. I like fictional people. I have had two boyfriends that have been book characters. One of the relationships lasted for 3 years. Yes, I am that pathetic... okay, not really, I just find book characters more appealing than real guys... they can't break your heart. I love to draw. I love to write. I love to not live. I hate heartache. I can't stand people who are fake, or think they know it all, or don't pay attention. My favorite time is two in the morning especially in the fall. I don't like summer. Or Tennessee. My sister is the fakest bitch there could ever be, one minute she's screaming at me to turn The Art of Drowning off (while she's playing Hilary Duff), the next she's all "I love this, what's it called." To all only children :either don't have siblings, or ship them off to Asia once they turn nine. I am not Christian, not Satanic, not Pagan. I am nothing, from nothing I came and to nothing I will return.

I greatly commend whomever took this picture. It is one of the best pictures I have ever had the enjoyment of photoshopping... except for this one of Jade Puget, because that picture was fucking awesome.