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I'm a new writer. I need feedback to my writing so I can really work on improving it through High School. It's the one thing with my schoolwork that bothers me. I'd rather write casually than do school reports so I need feedback but only constructive critisism please.

Wow that's way too formal on this sight so here's my info- I'm 14 years old, I have two older brothers and two younger sisters, all of them say my music is CRAP! lol... I love my family tho. I actually got my mom to LIKE 'We Believe'. MY best friend is GCGROUPIE and she is an awesome writer, I'm not just saying that. We write songs and I can match them to thbe keyboard, but I just started with the guitar, so I can't play them right away... Thanx... =)

My favorite Bands are GOOD CHARLOTTE, The Used, Relient K, My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, and Weezer. Avenged Sevenfold is awesome, and the lead singer dresses and looks like Benji, only they scream a little more in their songs...

Another thing. Everyone should check out my favorite authors/stories... There is definitely potential in the writers I put on their. GCGROUPIE has an AWESOME STORY!! You should check it out... It's called 'Seasons' under Billy/OFC in the Het pairings! I have found two AWESOME WRITERS... really fucking awesome stories by VELVET NIGHT and KAYLEFEBVRE!!! So READ THEM!!! THEY'RE AWESOME WRITERS and NICE PEOPLE TOO!! Thanx Kayla and Jasmine!

TTNT FOR LIFE GIRLS! THE TUESDAY NIGHT TRADITION LIVES ON AT 11pm... ~Maggi, Jax (gcgroupie), Jaz (Velvet Night), and Kayla (Kaylefebvre)

  • Kara moves to Waldorf, Maryland from a small snobby town in Massachusetts. What will happen when she meets preps, punks and others at Waldorf High? Where will she fit in?

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