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i live in Indiana i love good charlotte thier my favorite band. i saw them live in indianpolis may 8 was pretty awesom. im just saying i love benji with my heart soul and life, im not putting up any compition im saying thats how i feel, i don`t care if you say you do or not im just saying i do and if you thats great! I`m 15 and i dye my hair entirerly to much, but who cares? i`ve like gc since like the little things music video, call me pathicit but i didn`t know who the hell they were either but i liked the song and i always thought about that cutie with the pink streak in his hair, i didn`t know the name of the band only the song and then i was introduced to them again with Hold on. Febuary 23 i heard them on our radio station, i was gonna kill myself, but what person did when they heard hold on...but i was waiting becuase Jesica simpson was on and i was like after this song i`m gonna do it. I was holding on to the trigger or that gun so tight, but then i heard the song start i was gonna writh the name of it down because music was and is big part of my life and i wanted everyone to know the name of the last song i listened too...and i heard the soft rain and the soft guitairs and then the words to the song...and i heard benjis solo and thats when i fisrt fell in love with him, right ther the bridge of the song, the part that saved so so many, i fell in love with him there. and i could go thru with killing myself. but i still didn`t know who gc was...until tonya came around and on march 23 2003 i tottally knew i`d fallen for the guy, but i kept it inside for the longest time on how i truley felt for him, but then i let out in april and everyone knew i loved benji with every breath i take in my lungs, and every beat my heart beats, and every tear i shed, its full of love for this guy benji, belive me or not i know how i feel, and noone can tell me otherwise.
G to the mother fuckin C bioch

  • Levi and Benji are best friends, Benji tells him everything. But Levi has a secert. One Noone knows but him and his family. This secert gets in the way of their friendshiop once someone finds out and more secrets rise.

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  • Nicole, Benji and Joel have been best friends ever sense they we`re five. But when Nicole`s Mother died every thing changed for the worse. Nicole went crazy and was put in an institue but Benji and Joel stuck with her thru it all. But as the problems get worse there friendship becomes harder and hader to keep together. See what will happen when she breaks the law....

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