Real name: Bradailiine (Pronounced Braid-uh Eye-lean)(Like two seperate words said really really fast.) Hiilesmaa. (and we're not even starting on how you say my last name. it's impossible and scary)
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Hey. This is KissedByKidViscious. I'm proud to say that that's the truth, too! Heeheehee. I caught them in concert a looooong time ago while they were in Japan. My class was on field trip there.
I'm enrolled at Bathan International in Roma, Italia, the best place in the world. (The city, not the school) I'm originally from Finland, moved to Australia, to Iceland, a month in Austria, two in Germany, and now we're back in lovely Finland...sorta...and then got accepted at an international school, which of course means BOARDING SCHOOL.
I'm one of four kids. My twin and I are the oldest, and enjoy lizing it up. THat, and he looks like Ville Valo. Not kidding. He does. And Ville agrees, so there...ooh, diss. You just got Goth Served!!! Ok then, I've been in the stupid juice again. The assholes are a full six years younger than me and Linde (yeah. Mom has a cruel sense of humour. I'm named after her best friend, and Linde's named after her "brother") and annoying pains in the arse.
So there you are. Es mi.
Fave people: Urm...anyone I don't know? JK. Billy and Benji, and the twins' mommy because she's awesome, and Sarah Madden for being cool, and Josh for getting them into music. Rock on dudes. Also I lurv Bam Margera. And Johnny Depp. And Ville Valo and anyone in HIM. And Jussi 69 and Jyrki 69 and Timo Timo 'cause his name kicks ass. Admit it.
Fave bands: well...GC, duh! And MCR, HIM, the 69 Eyes, Korn, SILVERCHAIR!!!!!, Mest, Cradle Of Filth, Blink 182, Simple Plan, Sum 41, The Killers, Underoath, urm...gimme a second...Slayer, Atreyu, Jack Off Jill, The Dresden Dolls, Somebody Fucked Your Mom (totally awesome band. no joke), U2, Rancid, The Sex PIstols, Led Zep, um...all the classics like The Doors, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix Eperience, that sorta thing. And Ville all but tied me down and made me listen to Elvis one afternoon. So there you are. Me.

Ok, I'm rocking this for one of my Americana Friends, aka my lil group of 'homies' from back when I was in the Untied States(and yeah, I know it says untied.). So, with a shout out to Katalina Conner, I give you PUNKVOTER.COM!!!!!!
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Ok, this I have no earthly idea where Lesla got it from, but I happen to like it very very much. So there. And if you created this, it's awesome and, like, review on one of my stories or something and tell me who you are so I can give you chops.
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