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Well I am me and you are you and if you dont like me, dont fucking talk to me, lol.
I'm Brody, also known as "Godess Brody", vocalist and guitarist in that well known band Laura's Choice. Leave me alone unless you have anything nice to say :) always good to get reviews, will stick some stuff up once I get 'the flow' going.
Um, yeh. That's about it, sing, eat and sleep. Story of my life.
Me and Bex are about to start work on a co-written piece, so look out for that. Catch you later x

  • Fairgrounds are always fun places to hang out, especially with your hot twin brother and a bunch of plastic skeletons...

    Categories: Slash Pairings
    Characters: Benji/Joel
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    Published: 05/07/2005 - Updated:05/07/2005