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I'm from NY and I spend most of my time writing and reading fanfics and lyrics. I can't live without my two babies: my acoustic and electric. I don't let ANYONE touch them or they'll get their asses KICKED! I love music and bands like Good Charlotte, The Used, Fall Out Boy, Papa Roach, Sum 41, Rancid, Mest, Linkin Park, AAR, Green Day, Simple Plan (PIERRE'S MINE, SOPHIA AND RONNY! HAHA), Blink 182, Sugarcult, Hawthorne Heights, uhhhhh Goldfinger...yeah. The first and ONLY "concert" I've been to is Tower Records October 5 (Paul's birthday =]) but I'm hoping for more.

"Just because I'm different, doesn't mean I'm a freak." -Isabelle

"Emo boy plus emo girl equals hot sex!" -Cathleen

"Why do people park on driveways and drive on parkways?" -Ronny

I have to really thank bleeding_heart_87 because she really inspired me and made me addicted to this site like a person addicted to smoking. You should go check her stories out... I read them all =] My personal favorite was Break Me. There are others like Resident Therapist, sa_m, septemberends, cecily, and Whatever but bleeding_heart_87 takes the cake. I think you should check them all out!

Also, check out my best friend's story, Behind It All by xxbanana. Be sure to leave her a lot of reviews and cookies cuz she LOVES them! Rock On, Ronny!

*Author's Note: There's something wrong with my computer, its either the internet doesn't work or this piece of crap won't let me type up my story! BLAHHHH!! I hate it when people don't update for a really long time and I guess I'm one of those people but hey, it's not entirely my fault! *points at the computer* BLAME THAT THING! Please people, bare with me and I'll try to get another chapter up ASAP! Thanks.

  • Belle loses her memory in a hit-and-run. Slowly, her memory comes back, piece by piece but remembering her relationship with Benji is very complicated for her. All of the confusion leads to aggravation as the guys help Belle remember.

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    Published: 06/02/2005 - Updated:09/08/2005