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i like moto x,skating,surfing, n listening to music (punk rock/a bit o heavy) i live in nz and i am 13 yrs old. i dont like people who judge others on appearance or anythn like tht.

i like piercings too. i have 10 myself. 3 in my lower right ear and 1 in th tragus (inner ear) of my right ear. i have a small stud in my nose and a belly piercing. i also have 2 in my lower and upper left ear

i love bands like GC,mest,social distortion,rancid,minor threat,papa roach,blindspott,slipknot,3 days grace,sum 41,8 foot sativa,system of a down,the libertines,sugarcult,the used, and a few more..

  • THIS IS THE RE-WRITTEN VERSION...I HOPE I MADE IT EASIER TO UNDERSTAND =)....Rach is a messed up girl with demons of her past lurking in the shadows and hurtful memories haunting her. as she desperatly tries to escape reality everyday she is faced with some hurtful things she thought she could push away forever like everything else.

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