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I'm Laura. I've just found out that I had this profile recently. Feel bad for forgetting about it. So sorry. I'm on my quizilla and myspace a lot.
my quizilla sn is ragdoll02
And theres my myspace up there. Add me if you want. I don't really care unless you don't talk to me.

I'm 16. My name is Laura and I love my friends and boyfriend. I have a knack for losing things. Especially pens...Those damned things...
I"m in love with comic books. Seriously I am. My pay checks go towards them I'm that pathetic.
GC isn't my favorite band. I barely even listen to them anymore to be truthful. Doesn't mean that I don't have this story stashed in my trunk along with everything from my other stories to my drugs. haha.
Anywho. My favorite band lately is A7X. They're good. If you disagree. Then we shall disagree. It freaking sucks because todays halloween and I had to work.. blah.
I should really shut it.

  • see what lies ahead then start from the beginning. see what happens by yours and Joels chance meeting.....

    Categories: Het Pairings
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    Published: 05/26/2005 - Updated:05/26/2005