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I grew up when Punk was the only thing you listened to. Fell in love instantly with Good Charlotte, along with Avenged Sevenfold. I have a little boy named Benjamin Gates; we call him Gates. Benjamin after Benji Madden & Synyster Gates.

I'm 24

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Punk's NOT Dead!

  • Lainey Haner and Benji Madden had be friends ever since she moved to Waldorf, Maryland when she was younger. She's been through everything with him; from their dad leaving, to drugs and drinking, drunken hook-ups, to nasty relationships. Other than Benji, Lainey and Joel are best friends, he's more of a brother to her than what Benji is. What happens when Benji leaves Lainey high and dry for Paris Hilton, but tries to come back out of the blue? How do they both fall into being victims of love?

    Categories: Het Pairings
    Characters: Benji/OFC
    Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
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    Warnings: Death
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    Word count: 5830
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    Published: 05/23/2014 - Updated:05/25/2014