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Hey there, my name's Epsy.
I've been a fan of good charlotte since I was thirteen years old. I got into the fanfiction around the age of fourteen and even wrote a few stories myself. I'm joining to begin reading again, and possibly post a few stories myself!


  • Taylor Reynolds grew up in a small town. She was used to this life, and she was comfortable with it. She knew almost everybody, and the friends she had were the same friends she had in kindergarden. Her life was exceptionally normal, with parents who had great jobs and barely fought. Taylor loved things just as they were.
    That was until her mothers job got transfered to a different place. A different state even. Taylor could only nod and go along with what was happening. She had herself believe she would never be happy again, until she returned home. That was before she met Benji Madden.

    Categories: Slash Pairings, Het Pairings
    Characters: Benji/OFC, Joel/OFC
    Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Tragedy
    Story Type: Crossover
    Warnings: Abuse, Drug Use, Rape, Underage Sex, Violence
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