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hug from behind
hug from behind - you like to feel what the other
person is feeling and see things how they see
them. you tend to be serious and emotional.

What Sign of Affection Are You?
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You are Form 3, Unicorn: The Innocent.

"And The Unicorn knew she wasn't meant to
go into the Dark Wood. Disregarding the advice
given to her by the spirits, Unicorn went
inside and bled silver blood.. For her
misdeed, the world knew evil."

Some examples of the Unicorn Form are Eve
(Christian) and Pandora (Greek).
The Unicorn is associated with the concept of
innocence, the number 3, and the element of
Her sign is the twilight sun.

As a member of Form 3, you are a curious
individual. You are drawn to new things and
become fascinated with ideas you've never come
in contact with before. Some people may say
you are too nosey, but it's only because you
like getting to the bottom of things and
solving them. Unicorns are the best friends to
have because they are inquisitive.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
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You are Peace
You are Peace.

You are at peace with your self and the world
around you. You have balance in your life and
exude tranquility from every pore of your body.
People are constantly asking you "what is
your secret?"

What Emotion Are You?
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You Are St. John Allerdyce!
Muwahaha! You are the Fire Master! Besides your
lighter and some oily rages you dont need
anything else to make you happy! Your
flamboyant (and flammable) attitude towards
life makes you the hit of a party!

What X Men Evolution Acolyte Are You?
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Slifer the Sky Dragon;
Positives: Brave, Kind, Trusting
Negatives: Over Protective, Strange

Which Yu-Gi-Oh God card should you have?
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Jounouchi image
You are Jounouchi. Now remember to visit
^^ quiz by Taryn

Which Yu-Gi-Oh character are you most like? (contains pics)
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You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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Your element is Rain: Sad, lonely, distant and
unique. You are quite distant from emotion and
people, but you have been made this way by one
thing or another. You are truly unique yet fail
to see it, and are quite creative be it in art,
music, writing, ect.. You used to let people in
now you don't even bother to try having been
hurt so many times in the past. Your attitude
is that you don't need anyone but yourself,
people are just trouble waiting to happen. But
you really do want to trust someone no matter
if you see it or not, deep down your waiting
for someone to come and set you free. This kind
of depression can turn dangerous, don't let
them get to you. Not everyone in the world will
hurt you, humans are humans and are not
perfect. So most likely sooner or later you'll
meet someone who feels like you do and perhaps
your shell will eventually disappear.

.:-|What is your true element?|-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
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This is mine
Never Forgotten- Although it may seem like you are
living a normal life, your cunning ways make
you infamous. Like Jack, you refuse defeat and
escape it in many ways. You have many
personalities, which makes you an awesome
pirate. Whether it's what you said, what you
did, or who you conquered you will always be
remembered. And always "Remember this day
as the you almost caught, Captain Jack

W h a t - J a c k - S p a r r o w - a r e - y o u?
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:: how jedi are you? ::

find your element

Gay Bear
Gay Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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Amanda Nicole Schoolcraft's Aliases

Your movie star name: Cheese Doodles Harry

Your fashion designer name is Amanda Singapore

Your socialite name is Bubbles Dublin

Your fly girl / guy name is A Sch

Your detective name is Dragon Salem Church

Your barfly name is Peanut Butter Virgin Mary

Your soap opera name is Nicole Woodward

Your rock star name is Chocolate Chip Cookies Bar Lightning

Your star wars name is Amawoo Schdes

Your punk rock band name is The Punky Betrayal

The Amazing Meganame Generator

Your Irish Name Is...

Michaela Nugent

What's your Irish Name?

Your Rising Sign is Scorpio

You're so intense and passionate - you're on fire!

You want to be an angel or a devil... you can't decide which.

No wonder you seem moody and even a little dangerious.

You've got some major mystery going on, so work it!

Your personality is the strongest of all signs, making you hard to deal with.

While you're ruthless to your enemies, you're loyal to your one true love.

What is Your Rising Sign?

  • Tony is an asshole. He's pawned Joel off and kept Benji and Billy to himself. Can these two escape and find their friend?

    Categories: Slash Pairings
    Characters: Benji/Billy
    Genres: Angst, Drama, Horror, Romance
    Story Type: Alternate Universe
    Warnings: Abuse, Violence, Rape
    Series: None
    Reviews: 50
    Completed: No
    Word count: 12604
    Read Count: 727
    Chapters: 13
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    Published: 04/09/2005 - Updated:09/17/2005
  • K, here's a sequel thing to His Broken Life, my twincest.

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    Warnings: Abuse, Violence
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  • Right where Ive always been. Ive been there for you the whole time, even back when we were 19, when this started. When all this started. I was there for you to have a shoulder to cry on when dad left. I helped you through your drug problems when we were 17. And now, now, Im right up under you, awaiting your powerful and painful thrusts. I cant help but sob.

    Categories: Slash Pairings
    Characters: Benji/Joel
    Genres: Angst, Drama, Horror
    Story Type: Alternate Universe
    Warnings: Abuse, Violence, Rape
    Series: None
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    Completed: Yes
    Word count: 1050
    Read Count: 162
    Chapters: 1
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    Published: 04/09/2005 - Updated:04/09/2005
  • Formerly Billy Centic Forget all those comics you've read. X-men, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Hulk... I'm not a mutant; mutants don't exsist. I'm simply a bio enhanced weapon capable of mass murder, and just happen to be guitarist in Good Charlotte. Who'da thunk it? Certinly not me. And I hadn't even used my abilites for a few years. All that changed as I walked into the alleyway, when I saw the attack in progress. I felt so much pain...and yet...I felt nothing. But, let me start at the beggining... Currently Discontinued. I am sorry, but Harmful has taken up most of my time :D I hope to return soon

    Categories: Slash Pairings
    Characters: Benji/Billy
    Genres: Angst, Drama, Horror, Action
    Story Type: None
    Warnings: Abuse, Violence, Self-Harm
    Series: None
    Reviews: 20
    Completed: No
    Word count: 3136
    Read Count: 351
    Chapters: 5
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    Published: 03/05/2005 - Updated:04/03/2005