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I love writing and reading and the like and I love film - almost more than writing.
If I ever have enough money to combine my two loves...watch out George Lucas
...or some unknown director/writer that no one cares about...Lol
Um, I'm a total spazz and a huge dork.
I'll do almost anything for to make someone smile.
I've gotten hurt quite a few times trying to make someone show their whites...hm, good times.
Anywho, so I'm J and I love to write. That's all you really needed to know, but I love reviews too - they make me show my whites.
So check the stories yo and I'll hit ya back.

  • "It’s not your fault he’s a selfish, incessant, horrendous ass hole who has no respect for other people.” Before Joel can say anything else, we hear the front door slam. I know its too soon for my father to be home, and Adam knows better than to slam doors. I turn to Joel, and I’m sure my face is that of regret as I stutter.

    “Uh, I -”

    Joel sighs. “He’s more sensitive than he lets on.” He says this in a way so that I’m not sure if I’ve offended him too. He gets off the bar stool he was perched on and follows his brother out of the door, letting it close quietly behind him

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    Published: 02/02/2008 - Updated:04/21/2009