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I'm Tori.
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  • *Changed Summary*

    People always pressured me. Why? Why did I have to be like they wanted me to? Almost as if being myself wasn't good enough....... like a mime. Quiet, not complaining. Although, I'm not pretending I'm in a box. I really am, stuck in my own boring life that I lead everyday of my life. If I changed, would they care, notice, be dissapointed, hate me? I'm curious, but I'm not about to take that chance.

    You can't live your life for other people You've got to do what's right for you even if it hurts some people you love.

    'cause I don't want you to know where I am,
    'cause then you'll see my heart in the saddest state it's ever been.
    This is no place to try and live my life.

    Categories: Band Centric
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    Genres: Angst
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    Warnings: Abuse, Violence
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    Word count: 40784
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    Published: 05/19/2005 - Updated:04/04/2007
  • Scott Shanks, the owner of Epic Records, has decided to hire his daughter. Who of course is very rich. When she ends up working with Good Charlotte what will happen? Will she do her job or get caught up in it? Will she prove she can do it or will she quit?

    Categories: Het Pairings
    Characters: Joel/OFC
    Genres: Drama, Romance
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    Warnings: Violence
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    Word count: 4985
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    Published: 03/29/2005 - Updated:06/17/2005
  • Laura is thrown out of her boyfriend's house and his neighbor comes to help out. So Laura is staying with Joel, is Joel's gf Hilary happy about it? NO!

    Categories: Het Pairings
    Characters: Joel/OFC
    Genres: Drama, Romance
    Story Type: None
    Warnings: Abuse, Violence, Rape
    Series: None
    Reviews: 76
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    Word count: 22779
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    Chapters: 16
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    Published: 03/01/2005 - Updated:04/09/2005