Real name: Victoria aka Tori
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Um...I'm Victoria aka Tori...I'm 13....My birthday is July 19...I have black hair and brown eyes...The walls in my room are almost all Good Charlotte...I've loves GC for over 3 years now....July 16, 2005 was the best day of my life, it was my first concert and first time seeing GC..I got Benji and Joels autographs :D..I love music....listen to it all day!...I like bands like:

Good Charlotte
Simple Plan
Avril Lavigne (i dont care what you say)
My Chemical Romance
Green Day
Linkin Park
The Killers
Lost Prophets
Hawthorne Heights
From First To Last
I just got braces...I've been to 3 concerts already (Good Charlotte, Yellowcard and Avril Lavinge)..I'm seeing Simple Plan on November 27th and My Chemical Romance on December 7th


My love, Chris:

Love you!