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I'm Josie, I'm 19, I often dye my hair, it's red at the mo, I'm about 5'7, I have kittie-green eyes (one of my ex-boyfriends said so lol), I have average figure I think...I live in Hungary (so my english may not the best...) and writing is my life and of course music. I'm lead vox in my band and I'm REALLY happy with it, though my life isn't really happy...

I'm not a punk, I'm not a goth, not a rocker...I don't label myself...or if I really have to, I would be alternative and artist.
I paint, draw, make necklaces, bracelets, clothes. I take photos.
I'm just a simple girl who lives in the middle of Nowhere...

"here I am...this is me":

this two are my newest pics:

"no tears fallen from this eye can change anything...people should stop crying"

FAVORITE MUSIC: my taste is very mixed...some punk, some heavy metal, some black metal, some rock, some alternative, some classical rock, some drum n bass, some love metal...yeah that's me....a mixture....crazy o.O

Iron Maiden, Faith No More, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Nightwish, Deftones, HIM, Bad Religion, Pearl Jam, NIN, Lacuna Coil, Blind Guardian, Drowning Pool, Smashing Pumpkins, No Doubt, London after midnight, AFI, Slipknot, Funeral For a Rriend, The Used, Atreyu, Metallica, AFI, Within Temptation, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, Opeth, Sex Pistols, Vines, Slipknot, Incubus, Tool, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, The Hives, Oasis, Coldplay, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Static-X, Disturbed, Placebo, In Flames, As I lay Dying, Ramones, The Ataris etc....the list goes on....and on.....and on.....

♥LIKES♥: a plenty of things...

- some people

- music (esp. hungarian alternative stuff)

- my life....yeah I honestly do like it...even if it's not so easy

- my dog:

- winter

- gothic clothing

- my notebook

- grounge clothes

- old school style clothing

- skiing and snowboarding

- black, orange, red, yellow, green, brown

- alcohol and getting drunk ^^

- guys wearing make-up l..l_

- as the water touches my skin

- black and white photography

- woods

- sunlight

- getting my hair dyed

- cool summer nights

- rain

- black eyeliner

- candy

- green grass after a summer rain

- pale skin (but it depends on my mood)

- long haired sexy guys

- kissing

- piercings&tattoos
it's mine:P
- cool shows

- smell om my parfume

- fullmoons

- guys kissing


- Johnny Depp

- Billy Martin

- Stuart Townsend

- Joaquin Phoenix

- Benji Madden though I don't like his new style://

♠HATES♠: way too many things...

- a lot of people

- townies, barbie girls

- posers

- homophobes

- promises that can't be kept

- teeny films with only love/hate in it

- hip hop, rnb etc...

- bad breath

- some people esp. liars and dishonesty ones

- stalkers

- waking up early

- myself sometimes

- when I'm crying...I feel so stupid that time...

- guy talks while trying to lay down a girl

- when people say nasty things behind my back

- being ill

- thunders

- when ppl stare at me becouse the way I dress

- stereotypes...anyway...guys, don't hate people becouse of their taste in music. Remember this is why they hate us. Don't be like them!

- smelly ppl

- body hair

- rockers who are rockers just becouse it's so cool and fashionable

- school

- hangovers

- Benji's new

- snails and insects


* Life is beautiful (an italian movie, really cool)

* Schindler's List

* Forrest Gump

* Kontroll (it's a hungarian movie and it rox!!)

* American Beauty

* American History X

* Snatch

* Interview With The Vampire

* The Queen Of The Damned

* anything with vampires, magical creatures in it

* anything with Johnny Depp, Edward Norton or Tom Hanks in it

IF ANY OF YOU THINK THAT I WORTH AN EMAIL JUST WRITE! I'd be happy to contact cool ppl:)


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yahoo msg: lympire_josie