Real name: Ashley
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To anyone who saw this before, I've decided to change it, because it was far too angsty, and I am just not angst.

Well, I'm actually not all that sure what to say. I have a diary at diaryland, if you want to check that out... musicx4xlife@diaryland.com

that screen name explains a lot. My life would be nothing without music. I'm not going all "music saved my life" but things would be really boring without music.

things i like: sharpies, hair dye, cough drops, funny pins, band pins, all that stupid fake pot stuff at Spencers gifts, neon lights, guitars, drumsets, basses, grand pianos, keychains, 7up Plus, mountain dew, coffee, batman, music, really old sheet music, comfy warm hoodies, mini sharpies, staying up really late at night and rambling on at bio pages at fan fic websites *cheezy grin*
bands i like: Rise Against, Atmosphere, Amber Pacific, Golgo Bordello, Street Dogs, Fall Out Boy, MxPx, Anti Flag, Mest, the Offspring, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Motion City Soundtrack, Simple Plan, Bowling For Soup, The Something Brothers(It's my band, yo!) Flogging Molly, and erm, I can't really think of any other bands right now, but if I do, I'll add them.

Shout-out time here: Go check out "How to ditch a girl in 5 steps" ...I co-wrote it with my good friend, knit4pozrz, and it's pretty sweet.