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I love writing stories (both fanfic [gc and other] and novel-type) even though I know I suck at it. Same thing for music and dance. I love to sing, play, write, suck at them, and dancing, suck at it. I love to draw, come to think of it...i guess i suck at that too. huh. well anyways. I have an account on VampireFreaks. I'm an avid reader, quite the bookworm, and am known for being able to read MANY books at once. I'm not super speedy at it or anything, in fact, it takes me forever to actually get through a story. Hmm... lets see...I'm an official freak of the Cirque du Freak, and PROUD OF IT ^___^ I used to want to join the circus, and wanted to be in the Cirque du Soliel, however, it occured to me how HARD that would be, and I sort of abandoned the dream. Let's see...what else is something completely odd and random? A lot of stories I write reflect my life. Like my songs and poems, drawings, stories apply as well. For example, I think in all my stories on here except for Children of the Night, they have a girl who cuts, or has a boyfriend who treats her wrongly but is way too nice. I like writing about girls who I wish I could be or pretty, because I wish I could be pretty, or something like that. It's like a release I guess...I don't know, I'm rambling. I'm almost always online, you can message me @ yahoo (xbatviciousx) or on aim (xbatviciousx). seeing a theme? If you see the name xbatviciousx anywhere it's probably me. The only other name I own, but hate, it xTake-Out-The-LighTx >_x well anywho, hope you enjoy my stories. Keep representing GC everyone!