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I've been coming to this site for so long now. On and off throughout the years, but still I come back.
I love the creative outlet and the inventive minds of the authors who write here. I love the quality of the content of this site. I love that not any shitty story can be validated. That's why I had always loved this site, really.
Now, it's just a fun little throw back to a band I loved over a decade ago. I've grow away from them, still enjoying them for nostalgic reasons, but not much of a 'fan' anymore. Not huddled over my dial-up computer, spending hours trying to download the GC videos just to watch them lol. The good old days.
Still, I love this site. I love the people who read and review. I feel like most of the people left are people just like me, now mostly mid-twenties, a little older, a little wiser, but still just loving the occassional good fanfic :)