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Hey..iunno what to really write here..umm i'm English and darn proud!! Lol im also very wierd. I don't think my writing is that great but i wanted to put it up so yeh, i did :D.
Obviously i love good charlotte, or i would'nt be on this website! I also have a never ending(well..probably ends sometime) list of bands i love including : sex pistols, the clash, MCR, the used,oasis, lost prophets, korn, the monkees(hehe) linkin park, the verve, the prodigy (album out tommorow..also they alll live near me and i've met keith a few times and maxim reality hehehe :D), nirvana, evanescense,blink 182, faithless,muse,NFG, simple plan....umm.. haha...well list goes on and on so thats enough for now.
OH im very into the beatles at the moment, wasn't before but you should check them out pretty good actually!
SOO my favourite love song is -aerosmith 'i miss you'
upbeat song is- good charlotte 'the click' and 'festival song'
'down beat/sad/whatever song is - the verve 'the drugs don't work'
check those out, drugs don't work is an awesome song, mighty powerful, one of the best songs written i think , along with..bittersweet symphony of course!
ok i will stop rambling about the songs i tend to do that alot..haha.
well if you read my stories please review :D
Cheers mates!
ttfn .