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Jan 7th 2015
Well hello there. 

It's been ages since I last came onto this site and like many of the other authors on here I've moved on to write about different things, although still fanfic-related. 
I had forgotten most of the stories from my past, but Leeann contacted me on facebook the other day and it all came back to me. 
My writing style has changed during these past 9 years, and if I do say so myself, it's definitely for the better. 
I'm working on a Zak Bagans story at the moment called Vessel. You can find it here

Feel free to add me on facebook. I'm sure we'll get along just fine if you're still logging onto this site ;D There's a link to it further down. 

Until next time~

The I want to be in one if your stories thingy is currently on hold. I will probably put it back up when everyone who filled it out have gotten a story.

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