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Hi, my name is Jessica. I'm a singer/songwriter. As well as an avid fanfiction reader/writer. As time goes on, I've found myself losing interest in Good Charlotte as a band. I pretty much just write Twincest, though if you look down below you'll see a couple OFC and maybe a Billy/OMC lurking somewhere.

So, my Self-pimping recs?

Prostitution Doesn't Pay: AU. Pretty awesome if I can say so myself. I'm quite proud of this story and to anyone that cares- a sequel is in the works... somehwere.

What's Mine: You know as time goes on, that story just gets longer and longer and I think I'm scared to end it. It was my first story I was every proud of and now I read the first 5 chapters and I'm shaking my head and scrunching up my nose. But I'll tell you what... It's definitely worth reading... Not only did my writing improve throught the story, Benji and Joel's character get more developed. In the end, I'm happy to be the author.

The One Word Series: Read it. I love it. If you like angst, Sedated is the place for you. Joel has a mental disorder type of thing and Benji there for him every step of the way. Healing is more about the cute moments and Joel overcoming his demons.

Okay... I'm pround of all of my stories, but those are my fav's.

Other Recs.

Anything by imissmymind. She is an amazing writer- even though she's moved on from writing in this fandom, her stories where amazing. Go read all of her stuff. It's pretty much Twincentric, but the emotions and just UGH! she's amazing.

Adrift's Instability is- amazing. Warning WIP. It's so long, I'm lost count of what chapter she's on. But it's awesome. Every chapter leaves you begging for the next and the way she explains stuff, I dunno. I love her style. Go read her stories.

What would I do with iluvmybenji? Rachel is my best friend in real life and she writes materpieces all the time that go unnoticed. Honestly go read Cancer. Especially if you liked the depression of Sedated, Cancer will certainly hit the spot. Middle Class Trash is pretty cool to. I named it. Go read all her stuff. Her syle is awesome and she has no standards for her writing so everything is really cool and different.

Rachel and I have a couple of stories together. They're the funny ones with all the lines that make you crack up. Honestly, if you're in a shit mood, go really "Bitch Please, Whore is a Compliment" and I don't think depressed could be in your vocabulary. But if it still is, just go read the last chapter of Sedated and while writing that I talked myself out of depression. Enjoy.

Love. Your. Life. PEACE!

So... BrokenLovsucks on AIM...and my email is BrokenLovesucks@yahoo.com easy eh? Later**