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Prologue & All My Life’s Been Wasted, Chasing Shallow Dreams

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It was a normal Saturday night when I was told to get a few bottles of beer from Costco with a little help from my faked ID. Usually I avoided stores like that, because they were so big that I was scared I couldn’t find the way out anymore. But this time it was a emergency measure. My Brother, a few friends of ours and I were having a DVD night with films like “Mulan” and “The Grinch”. I found them actually cool but my twin Joel wasn’t my opinion. That’s why he told me to get something to drink. Well, I was so stupid and agreed.

Usually I hadn’t done it, but when you watch such movies you get kinda high and lose control over yourself. Yeah, that’s what the film industry wants! Whatsoever, today I thank those films for making me lose my will and get a few beers; because that was the moment I met him.

While I was walking down the barely lighted street, I was lost in thoughts. I was thinking about what would have happened, if I had been Mulan and had saved my hometown. Wow, I would have been the hero of Waldorf! I thought my parents had been proud of me.

Yeah, what an intelligent theme to think about, but I was young, inexperienced and hopeless.

In the middle of planning my future I was disturbed by a loud, female scream, which caused me to look up. Wow, what a voice!

Oh yeah, that was what I thought. But when I looked closer at the person in front of me, I saw a guy. A drunken, skinny idiot, who just stumbled over a tree root.

“Hey, you stupid mother fucker! Do you think you’re cool, because you made me fall?!”, he slurred. I scrunched my nose by the smell of his alcoholized breath. “Huh? Huh? Now you’ve got nothing more to say, huh?!”

“Of course”, I mumbled disgusted, giving the Huh Guy a glance and going ahead.

“Hey, machst du schon schlapp?!” he shouted after me at the top of his lungs.

Although I didn’t understand in which language he was speaking – I guessed it was French - his voice was still in my head five minutes later when I arrived at Costco. And not only there. I heard that voice every time I walked down that street. As well I couldn’t forget those piercing blue eyes, of which I was scared.

I know. How stupid can a person be to be afraid of blue eyes? Well, I was. But as I’ve already told you I had watched “The Grinch”.

Oh, how I wished to be the Grinch now! Anyhow not me! Oh how I wished…

Chapter 1 – All My Life’s Been Wasted, Chasing Shallow Dreams

Billy’s POV

Oh, those brown eyes with those beautiful lashes. And that contagious smile! I would never forget it in my whole life. God, was she beautiful…

I sighed and bit on my pencil. I looked down at what I had scribbled and noticed that I hadn’t written anything about the Pythagoras at all. Instead I had drawn something, which looked similar to a can of coke with legs. Creative.

“What do you think is the answer to this question? Dude, that teacher is insane.” Paul’s voice interrupted my daydream.

“Hey Billy,” he moaned as I didn’t respond, “I asked you something!”

I slowly looked up, smiling happily at my friend who was sitting at the other end of the table. Paul looked at me distracted, before he immediately glanced at his math book again. “What the fuck makes you so happy about our math project?”, he asked, frowning.

“This beauty!”, I sighed again. I was worried that I couldn’t see her, but at the same time I was fascinated by the image of her, which lasted in my mind.

“What the fuck?!”, Paul raised his eyebrows. “What are you talking about?”

“About the girl I met a few days ago!”, I answered dreamy. I was still caught between anger and amazement. Finally my anger got the best of me, so that broke my pencil. “Paul! I wanna meet her again! God, Paul! I. Wanna. Meet. Her. Again!”

Paul looked at me as if I had just escaped out of the madhouse, before he changed his facial expression: “Okay, wait a moment. I’ve got the perfect solution!”

Leaving me a bit confused, he went over to his bed and started burrowing under it. After a few seconds he found a red plastic box with writing on it, which said ‘Pauly’s favorite toys’. Irritated I raised one eyebrow at him, while he kept digging excitedly in his toy box.

“Uhm, Paul,” I began, “How old are you again? I thought you are seventeen.”

“That’s right, I’m seventeen. Why are you asking?”, he answered as if nothing strange had been happening, still absorbed in his seek.

“Because you’re digging in a toy box which isn’t even dusty,” I murmured, rolling my eyes and grabbing a new pencil out of my pencil case. Afterwards I continued drawing my picture.

For three seconds everything was quiet. Then I heard Paul singing something similar to “Dum-Di-Dum-Di-Dum” and nibbling on a cookie. What the fuck was he doing there?

Confused I looked up at Paul, who turned his back to me. Suddenly he swung around and presented me my best friend in a ridiculous outfit. He wore a white coat, a nurse’s hat, a breathing protection and a stethoscope.

“Hello, Mesdames et Messieurs! I’m Dr. Thomas, your personal agony aunt!” He shouted.

Before I got the chance to comment on him, he had started speaking again: “You don’t have to be shy, my friend! You can trust me in everything. And you can also tell me everything!”

“Uhm, Okay,” I stuttered, “What shall I tell you, Dr. Thomas?”

“Where does she live, what does she look like, and so on. - And if you need a whole day to tell me everything, my ears are always open for you.”

“Uh, she lives in Waldorf, too, I think. I met her a few days ago, when I ca… – wait. Could you please take that hilarious costume off?” I interrupted myself, because I noticed that Paul looked at me like an actual doctor, and I hated doctors.

“ Of course,” he replied in a deep, serious voice, putting on a monocle he just found.

I moaned. “Pau-haul! I said take off, not on!”

“Hm… hm… But Billy. Hm… well, okay.” He finally cooperated, taking his hat off. It was obviously hard for him to make such a big deal.

“Fine. I met her in Waldorf and she has brown eyes.”

“Good. If she lives in Waldorf, you’ll probably see her again. So, I suggest you need a healthy skin color. I mean, if you really meet her again you shouldn’t look like an idiot,” he thought out loud. “What about… jogging? A lot of people do that and they all look great. For example… uhm… whatsoever.”

“Really? Are you sure?” I doubted his suggestion.

“Of course!” He assured me with a slow nod.

“Now I’m convinced. Then let’s start…”

“Now! – I wanted to do something for my figure, too, anyway.” Paul said.

In the evening

“I cannot anymore!” I yelled exhausted, nearly breaking down.

“Come on!” He shouted back. “I’m right beside you!”

“But Paul,” I was at the brink of tears, “My lungs hurt so fucking much!”

Paul gave me a glance and looked at his stopwatch. “Just two more minutes!”

While I was jogging like hell in the local park, Paul drove on his new auto cycle in front of me, all the smog blowing in my face. The only noise was my coughing, the singing birds and the clatter of Paul’s vehicle. So much to ‘I wanted to do something for my figure’…

“C’mon, Billy!” He smacked on his double cheeseburger.

I was just asking myself how the fuck he managed it do drive a auto cycle with two full hands, when I spotted a pair of deep, brown eyes. Oh my god, it was the girl I met! But something was wrong with her…


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