Chocolate Ice Cream And Cough Candy by xxIlOvEbIlLyxx
Summary: Billy falls in love with a pair of eyes, he does everything to find their owner. He finally succeeds. But there's something wrong with the romance... Whatsoever, today I thank those films for making me lose my will and get a few beers; because that was the moment I met him.
Categories: Slash Pairings -- Characters: Benji/Billy
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1. Prologue & All My Lifeís Been Wasted, Chasing Shallow Dreams by xxIlOvEbIlLyxx

2. Another Year, Another Tree, But This Year You Wonít Be With Me by xxIlOvEbIlLyxx

3. In The Darkness You Will Find Dirty Little Secrets We All Hide by xxIlOvEbIlLyxx

4. I Spent So Many Years Learning How To Survive, Now Iím Writing Just To Let You Know Iím Still Alive by xxIlOvEbIlLyxx

5. You Broke My Mother's Heart, You Broke Your Children For Life by xxIlOvEbIlLyxx

6. And In My Heart I Wanna Undo All This Murder And Give Back The Innocent Lives by xxIlOvEbIlLyxx

Prologue & All My Lifeís Been Wasted, Chasing Shallow Dreams
You know what? We own the guys, this isn't fiction and the story doesn't suck. Hahaha... just kidding!


It was a normal Saturday night when I was told to get a few bottles of beer from Costco with a little help from my faked ID. Usually I avoided stores like that, because they were so big that I was scared I couldn’t find the way out anymore. But this time it was a emergency measure. My Brother, a few friends of ours and I were having a DVD night with films like “Mulan” and “The Grinch”. I found them actually cool but my twin Joel wasn’t my opinion. That’s why he told me to get something to drink. Well, I was so stupid and agreed.

Usually I hadn’t done it, but when you watch such movies you get kinda high and lose control over yourself. Yeah, that’s what the film industry wants! Whatsoever, today I thank those films for making me lose my will and get a few beers; because that was the moment I met him.

While I was walking down the barely lighted street, I was lost in thoughts. I was thinking about what would have happened, if I had been Mulan and had saved my hometown. Wow, I would have been the hero of Waldorf! I thought my parents had been proud of me.

Yeah, what an intelligent theme to think about, but I was young, inexperienced and hopeless.

In the middle of planning my future I was disturbed by a loud, female scream, which caused me to look up. Wow, what a voice!

Oh yeah, that was what I thought. But when I looked closer at the person in front of me, I saw a guy. A drunken, skinny idiot, who just stumbled over a tree root.

“Hey, you stupid mother fucker! Do you think you’re cool, because you made me fall?!”, he slurred. I scrunched my nose by the smell of his alcoholized breath. “Huh? Huh? Now you’ve got nothing more to say, huh?!”

“Of course”, I mumbled disgusted, giving the Huh Guy a glance and going ahead.

“Hey, machst du schon schlapp?!” he shouted after me at the top of his lungs.

Although I didn’t understand in which language he was speaking – I guessed it was French - his voice was still in my head five minutes later when I arrived at Costco. And not only there. I heard that voice every time I walked down that street. As well I couldn’t forget those piercing blue eyes, of which I was scared.

I know. How stupid can a person be to be afraid of blue eyes? Well, I was. But as I’ve already told you I had watched “The Grinch”.

Oh, how I wished to be the Grinch now! Anyhow not me! Oh how I wished…

Chapter 1 – All My Life’s Been Wasted, Chasing Shallow Dreams

Billy’s POV

Oh, those brown eyes with those beautiful lashes. And that contagious smile! I would never forget it in my whole life. God, was she beautiful…

I sighed and bit on my pencil. I looked down at what I had scribbled and noticed that I hadn’t written anything about the Pythagoras at all. Instead I had drawn something, which looked similar to a can of coke with legs. Creative.

“What do you think is the answer to this question? Dude, that teacher is insane.” Paul’s voice interrupted my daydream.

“Hey Billy,” he moaned as I didn’t respond, “I asked you something!”

I slowly looked up, smiling happily at my friend who was sitting at the other end of the table. Paul looked at me distracted, before he immediately glanced at his math book again. “What the fuck makes you so happy about our math project?”, he asked, frowning.

“This beauty!”, I sighed again. I was worried that I couldn’t see her, but at the same time I was fascinated by the image of her, which lasted in my mind.

“What the fuck?!”, Paul raised his eyebrows. “What are you talking about?”

“About the girl I met a few days ago!”, I answered dreamy. I was still caught between anger and amazement. Finally my anger got the best of me, so that broke my pencil. “Paul! I wanna meet her again! God, Paul! I. Wanna. Meet. Her. Again!”

Paul looked at me as if I had just escaped out of the madhouse, before he changed his facial expression: “Okay, wait a moment. I’ve got the perfect solution!”

Leaving me a bit confused, he went over to his bed and started burrowing under it. After a few seconds he found a red plastic box with writing on it, which said ‘Pauly’s favorite toys’. Irritated I raised one eyebrow at him, while he kept digging excitedly in his toy box.

“Uhm, Paul,” I began, “How old are you again? I thought you are seventeen.”

“That’s right, I’m seventeen. Why are you asking?”, he answered as if nothing strange had been happening, still absorbed in his seek.

“Because you’re digging in a toy box which isn’t even dusty,” I murmured, rolling my eyes and grabbing a new pencil out of my pencil case. Afterwards I continued drawing my picture.

For three seconds everything was quiet. Then I heard Paul singing something similar to “Dum-Di-Dum-Di-Dum” and nibbling on a cookie. What the fuck was he doing there?

Confused I looked up at Paul, who turned his back to me. Suddenly he swung around and presented me my best friend in a ridiculous outfit. He wore a white coat, a nurse’s hat, a breathing protection and a stethoscope.

“Hello, Mesdames et Messieurs! I’m Dr. Thomas, your personal agony aunt!” He shouted.

Before I got the chance to comment on him, he had started speaking again: “You don’t have to be shy, my friend! You can trust me in everything. And you can also tell me everything!”

“Uhm, Okay,” I stuttered, “What shall I tell you, Dr. Thomas?”

“Where does she live, what does she look like, and so on. - And if you need a whole day to tell me everything, my ears are always open for you.”

“Uh, she lives in Waldorf, too, I think. I met her a few days ago, when I ca… – wait. Could you please take that hilarious costume off?” I interrupted myself, because I noticed that Paul looked at me like an actual doctor, and I hated doctors.

“ Of course,” he replied in a deep, serious voice, putting on a monocle he just found.

I moaned. “Pau-haul! I said take off, not on!”

“Hm… hm… But Billy. Hm… well, okay.” He finally cooperated, taking his hat off. It was obviously hard for him to make such a big deal.

“Fine. I met her in Waldorf and she has brown eyes.”

“Good. If she lives in Waldorf, you’ll probably see her again. So, I suggest you need a healthy skin color. I mean, if you really meet her again you shouldn’t look like an idiot,” he thought out loud. “What about… jogging? A lot of people do that and they all look great. For example… uhm… whatsoever.”

“Really? Are you sure?” I doubted his suggestion.

“Of course!” He assured me with a slow nod.

“Now I’m convinced. Then let’s start…”

“Now! – I wanted to do something for my figure, too, anyway.” Paul said.

In the evening

“I cannot anymore!” I yelled exhausted, nearly breaking down.

“Come on!” He shouted back. “I’m right beside you!”

“But Paul,” I was at the brink of tears, “My lungs hurt so fucking much!”

Paul gave me a glance and looked at his stopwatch. “Just two more minutes!”

While I was jogging like hell in the local park, Paul drove on his new auto cycle in front of me, all the smog blowing in my face. The only noise was my coughing, the singing birds and the clatter of Paul’s vehicle. So much to ‘I wanted to do something for my figure’…

“C’mon, Billy!” He smacked on his double cheeseburger.

I was just asking myself how the fuck he managed it do drive a auto cycle with two full hands, when I spotted a pair of deep, brown eyes. Oh my god, it was the girl I met! But something was wrong with her…

Another Year, Another Tree, But This Year You Wonít Be With Me
Chapter 2 – Another Year, Another Tree, But This Year You Won’t Be With Me

Just in that moment I saw the wet dream of my sleepless nights. I heard a strange noise coming from Paul’s direction. Immediately I stopped in my tracks to see what was going on. Before I could sense anything his burger hit my head, the sauce dripping down my face.

When my eyes were free from ketchup for a second, I saw Paul pulling the string of his stopwatch, which was afoul in the gear of his auto cycle. As he couldn’t drive anymore he crashed directly with a loud noise and screaming into a bench. Two guys had been sitting on it. The one with black/pink hair, which looked really cool, fell aside, while the other one who wore a white tank top jumped on top of the bench.

He shouted like a hysteric chicken: “You stupid moron! Are you too dumb to drive your fucking auto cycle, or what?! You just crashed into my Mint chocolate Chip Frappochino – and I extra ordered it with much cream!” He pointed at the mess on the grass in front of Paul and me.

“Calm down, Joel. We’ll get you a new one,” the pink patched guy sad.

He looked at me freaked, as if he would think about something scary. I stared back at him, our eyes connecting. They were exactly the same brown eyes I had seen a few seconds ago. The eyes that kept me awake in the night. But… he was a guy. Well, maybe he was the brother of the beauty I was searching for. I guessed he was, because these eyes were unique. – God, how embarrassing! I was standing there like a complete idiot with mustard dripping down my chin.

Hot Chick’s brother was looking at me with big orbs, watching the sauce trickling down my lower lip. Meanwhile Paul had managed it to apologize to Joel for his dumpishness.

“Of course I’ll buy you a new Mint chocolate Chip…” said Paul with a baby-smile. “…With extra much cream,” he added, raising his eyebrows up and down.

“Yeah, okay”, Joel growled pissed off, looking down. My best friend grinned happily before he started to usher his new flirt into the direction of Waldorf’s shopping mall.

At this point I might add that Paul was gay. He had been gay since I had ever met him and I hadn’t a problem with it. He would have never started anything with his best friend, who was hetero.

”Hey, you want a tissue?” Somebody interrupted my thoughts.

“Huh? – Oh, sure.” I took the tissue the other guy offered me with a thankful smile.

“You’re welcome. I’m Benji by the way.” He introduced himself, fumbling with the big silver chain around his neck.

I rubbed the mustard off my face. “Nice to meet you. I’m Billy.”

“Wanna follow Joel and uh…” He began.

“Paul, my best friend. I’m sorry for his behavior.” I completed his sentence. “And yeah – let’s follow them.” I didn’t sound really enthusiastic. I mean I just had been exercising in case I would meet my girl and now I had to go to starbucks with Paul’s flirts. Not that I didn’t like them, I just had better things to do right now.

While we were walking to starbucks, Benji and I had a nice conversation in which he was rather talking to himself, because I didn’t really listen. I was too busy with making a good plan how to get Hot Chick’s cell number, if he was her actual brother. So, what was the plan? Maybe I should just ask him about his family. Great idea.

“Err… sorry, when I interrupt you, but let me ask you something: What about your family? Do you have a sister?” I asked.

Benji stopped talking about whatever was the theme and frowned. “Yeah, why are you asking?”

“Dunno, I was just wondering.”

“Oh,” was his short answer. He cleared his throat, probably noticing that I hadn’t paid much attention to our conversation.

“You know…”, Benji nearly whispered in a hoarse voice, while we were crossing the street. The sun was setting already, which let the asphalt shine in orange and pink. “Usually I don’t like to talk much about my family.”

That was it. I had just lost the only opportunity to get to know more about my favorite girl. I was mentally kicking my ass for not listening to him. How rude could a person be? I was nearly going to be like Paul. Oh my god!


“Finally! Where have you guys been?” Joel exclaimed from the shop counter at starbucks in the shopping mall. He was just getting the promised Mint chocolate Chip. I watched as he took it without to say thank you to Paul. I guessed he was still insulted.

“Yes…” Benji sighed, not really answering Joel’s question.

“What? I asked: Where have you guys been?” He repeated his words a little louder, looking very confused.

While they were discussing Benji’s weird reaction I scanned the room. There were some snobbish women sitting in the hindmost corner where they could slander marvelously about all the other costumers. On the other side were a few businessmen sitting behind their laptops and in the middle of the room stood a few girls. Actually they all looked quite good, but there was a special one catching my gaze with her brown eyes. That could have been her! Maybe it was Benji’s sister. There was a similarity.

She smiled at me, so that I looked away shyly at the closest thing – which was Paul. He still had that huge grin on his face and handed me a ‘Strawberry and Cream’, my favorite drink.

“Thanks man,” I smiled, sucking on the straw.

As there weren’t any more people entering, we stood a littler longer at the shop counter, talking about where to sit down. Well, I was more into watching the girls. Amazed I stared at the cutie’s ass, while Paul and his friends found the perfect place to have a flirty evening.

I followed Paul to our table. Just as I sat down, I had to stand up again, because Benji had just angrily pushed his drink so hard, that a spurt of creamy mocha flew onto my shirt. My new, white shirt.

“Thanks a lot, Mr. Weird,” I muttered, when I walked over to the restrooms. What if the girl had seen that embarrassing situation? Probably she would never hang out with me…

Staring at my reflection in the mirror, cleaning my shirt, I decided to make a quick visit in one of the toilets. So I went there, closed the door behind me carefully and pulling down my pants along with my cool 'Bananas In Pajamas' boxer shorts.

As I listened bored to the sound of my pee hitting the water, I suddenly heard two giggling people enter the room. I recognized their voices as Benji’s and Joel’s. Because the sound of my little business was so loud, I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. Maybe they were making fun of me. Or wait… maybe they were gay – okay, that was obviously, but maybe they were a couple. Oh my god, they were really making out in the restroom!

Quickly I finished, before pulling up my pants to cover my nice boxers. Then I unlocked the cabin door and stepped out. Hiding my red face under my chin-long hair, I ran out of the room as fast as I could. I didn’t want to look like some stalker.

When I was outside in the little hallway I let out the breath I had been holding back. In the next few seconds it hit me like a slap in the face. I hadn’t washed my hands. My mother always told me to clean my hands. What if she gets to know about that little incident?

Without being seen I managed it to get into the ladies restroom to wash my hands. Shocked I spotted Paul at one of the Kimberly Clarks, pulling out a few tissues.

“What are you doing here?” I hissed.

Paul raised his eyebrows. “What do you mean? Didn’t you read the sign on the men’s restroom door? All the toilets over there aren’t working!”

“Fuck.” I mouthed. I had really forgotten to flush the toilet. Today was one of the most embarrassing days of my life!


“Er… nothing. I just wanted to wash my hands.” I answered.

Paul shrugged his shoulders and moved, so that I could use the basin. “There you go.”


Finally we were all back again at our table. I didn’t dare to look Benji or Joel in the eyes. I was thinking about what they had been doing in the restroom which was out of order. However a brown-eyed girl interrupted my thoughts by passing our table. She walked to the shop counter, swung her dark brown hair while turning her head and smiled at me.

Just in that moment the lights went off. People started to panic and moving around.

“It’s all right guys. It’s probably just a blackout. Please stay at your tables!” Somebody – I guessed it was a shop assistant – shouted trough the pitch-dark room. I questioned myself silently why the hell nobody had thought about assemble windows in shopping malls.

To calm myself down in this scary darkness, I closed my eyes and wanted to take a deep breath. When I opened my mouth I felt something moist and smooth crashing against my lips. And it was definitely neither mustard nor ‘Strawberries and Cream’.

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In The Darkness You Will Find Dirty Little Secrets We All Hide
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Chapter 3 – In The Darkness You Will Find Dirty Little Secrets We All Hide

I felt soft, warm lips melting into my own, and I kept my eyes closed, too afraid to do anything else. I caught my breath in my throat, feeling the butterflies flapping in my stomach. The gentle touch left a stimulating tickle on my lips. Suddenly she started sucking on my lower lip, tracing along it with her tongue. I opened my mouth slowly, allowing her access. Her tongue pressed carefully against mine. I concentrated on being cautious and not to bite her.

I had never done that before. I felt like such a loser, completely lost. But she made me feel comfortable. Within a few delicate touches we started an emotional game. There were so many thoughts rushing through my mind and before I could catch one of them she darted away, our lips separating.

“Holy shit!” I whispered exhausted.

“What’s the matter Billy? Are you alright? You smacked so strange a moment ago.” I heard Paul asking from beside me.

“Yeah.” I mumbled and with that the lights went on again. Immediately I started to look through the room for the girl who had kissed me. The only problem was: There was no girl, nor Benji or Joel, just Paul and me.



It was nearly 10 pm. Paul and I were sitting in my room, which was once again untidy. My mom had been telling me for a couple of days to clean it up. I never did it, because of her. This talented kisser, the girl who nearly made me go insane since we had left Starbucks. She was the reason why I needed more advice from Dr. Thomas.

Luckily Paul had brought all the necessary utensils in his backpack.

“You can already think about what you wanna ask me this time. I just need one more minute to put my monocle on!” He shouted from the bathroom, which was connected with my room. The door was a bit ajar, so that I could see Paul in the mirror fumbling with his monocle that was stuck in his mouth.

“Paul?” I raised both eyebrows, staring unbelievingly at his reflection, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.” He answered very incomprehensible.

A few seconds later I heard loud croaking, almost choking. Abruptly I sat up from my half-lying position in my arm chair to throw another gaze at Paul. The colored framed monocle fell into the basin, causing a clink, before he put it on and approached me.

“Okay, let’s start. I’m ready now.” He smiled generously.

I saw a thin trace of slobber on his cheek, probably from the monocle. And at this moment, staring at it was the only action I was capable to do.

“Billy, we can start now. What’s the problem?” Paul tried to push me, sitting down on my bed, which was in front of me.

“Uhm… Paul. Seriously, I think you need a doctor.”

“Oh, no, no.” He shook his head, slightly laughing. “If you mean that incident with my monocle… I just confounded it with the candy monocles I bought on the fair last week.”

“Oh yeah, I remember; good to know that. I thought that you’ve gone insane…” I muttered the last part. “Umm… okay… how do I start?”

“From the beginning,” Dr. Thomas suggested.

“Alright” I said, standing up to sit next to Paul on my bed. “At Starbucks… when there was the blackout somebody kissed me. I’m pretty sure that it was my hot chick, you know? Because I saw her as we entered the coffee shop.”

“Oh, but I thought you wouldn’t know what she looks like.” Paul interrupted me, fumbling with the collar of his white coat.

“Yes, but I saw these brown eyes. I know it was her. I mean she smiled at me and…”

“Oh my god, you don’t mean Ashlee from our math class? I saw her there, and she was the only one I know has brown eyes in her cheerleader clique. You really mean her? Oh Billy, what a bad taste. That’s the girl who has a crush on you since the kindergarten, she’s so annoying! Don’t you remember? She was the one who always stole your pencil!”

“So what? She’s an amazing kisser.”

“Fine, I’ll help you. But just because you’re my best friend… first you should… wait. One question: You said that she kissed you in the dark, right?”

“Yeah.” I nodded a little bit confused.

“Why are you so sure then that it was her? It was pitch-dark. It could have been anybody who was there.” Paul philosophized and shook his blond dyed head.

“Do you want to adumbrate that it was you?” I nearly shouted, jumping a little bit. That was exactly what I was scared of the whole time. I had feared something like that already when we had been still at Starbucks and suddenly both Paul’s flirts and my girl had been gone.

“Never ever; you know I wouldn’t do that.” He crossed his fingers in front of me, referring to his promise.

I sighed with relief. “But now you’ve confused me. How do I find out now if it was really her?”

“Hmm…” my best friend thought. He looked contemplative out of the window. A few bony boughs knocked against the glass, making a scratching sound, and the moon was shining in the crisp October air. “I think I have a good plan how we can find it out.”

A week later

Meanwhile Paul, Benji and Joel had become good friends. They met nearly every day at Starbucks where Joel worked during the summer holidays or we were in the park. Sometimes I felt a bit black-balled when Paul brought me with him, because they always talked about things I hadn’t much experience with. I didn’t understand why Paul still tried to affect them. They were a couple anyway. Both Benji and Joel had an eyebrow piercing which was probably a symbol for their close relationship. Furthermore they were always hanging out together, it was so obvious.

I still hadn’t got the chance to ask Benji about his sister, and besides, he had really left the permanent impression as Mr. Weird. But Paul had a “great plan”; he suggested making my girl a little bit jealous so that she would let herself go. So Paul had called a very good female friend of his to make sure she could play the role of my alleged girlfriend. We let Joel in on our plan so that he could let us know when ‘Hot Chick’ would appear at Starbucks. At first he didn’t want to do it – for no reason so ever. But after Paul had invited him to a few – okay, a lot – Mint Chocolate Chip Frappochino’s he had agreed.

Today was the day Joel had made an emergency call to Paul’s cell phone. Straight away we set off and within five minutes on Paul’s auto cycle we reached Starbucks. When we arrived there Paul’s friend Lindsay was already waiting there for us, so were Benji and Joel.

How we had planned that Lindsay and I would greet each other was with a passionate embrace. Meanwhile I tried to make eye contact with Ashlee. She and her friends sat at a table near the entrance, drinking Iced Mocha’s and eating muffins. I continued looking at her while Lindsay’s and my fingers entwined. Finally Ashlee looked up to me with a sad smile on her pretty face. Strangely I felt that same smile hitting me from another direction. I couldn’t sense who it was and when I looked around there was no one, it must have just been in my head.

“Billy, Honey, what would you like to drink?” Lindsay interrupted my thoughts, pulling me closer to her while we walked to the shop’s counter.

“A Strawberries and Cream” I answered nervously, looking around. Again I caught Ashlee’s gaze, she didn’t look happy at all. I hoped it was jealousy that made her wear that weird smile.

Joel took our order and we went over to the little table with the orange lamp hanging from the ceiling. Lindsay began fumbling with my “The Used” shirt. I forced a smile twiddling with her smooth fingers in mine. After a few minutes we got our drinks. Giggling Lindsay handed me her “Vanilla Bean”, silently inviting me to take a sip from her straw. As I felt the vanilla taste coating my tongue I looked over to Ashlee who really had a pissed off expression on her face. Then she stood up and stomped out of the coffee shop.

Our plan had actually worked, and now the rest was up to me. Immediately I ran after her, feeling again someone’s glance persisting into my back but I didn’t care, I just wanted to talk to Ashlee.

“Hey Ashlee! Wait! I gotta talk to you.” I shouted.

She paused without looking at me.

I walked a few meters over the cold cement until I reached her. “Hey. Why are you here all by yourself?” I asked.

“Leave me alone.” She mumbled, fixing her dark brown hair.

“Are you mad at me?” I tried to come to the point.

“Why should I? You just have made out with some girl in front of me, although you knew what I feel for you.” She admitted.

I sighed ashamed. “That was all fake, it was just an emergency measure to you get your attention.”

“What?” She burst out. “So you like me, too? You just wanted to see if it was real what I feel for you?”

“Yes.” I nodded, looking down. From the corner of my eyes I could see all costumers of Starbucks staring out the windows in the aisle of the shopping mall, including Paul, Joel and Mr. Weird who had a really, really weird facial expression that I couldn’t interpret.

“Oh, that’s so cute, Billy!” She squealed, hugging me so that I nearly broke down from a lack of oxygen.

“Uh, yeah.” I coughed. “So, you want to be with me?” I asked hesitantly.

She pulled back and looked at me with a dreamy shine upon her wonderful eyes. “Are you serious?”

“Of course,” I smiled, feeling the butterflies starting to flap again in my stomach.

“Oh God! Yes! That’s all I ever wanted, Billy! Finally you’ve come to your senses.” She grinned happily, still staring at me in amazement.

All I could do was drowning in these breath taking eyes. But something held me back to drown completely in them…

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I Spent So Many Years Learning How To Survive, Now Iím Writing Just To Let You Know Iím Still Alive
We are so sorry for the long wait, but we’re on vacation right now (in CA) and we gotta enjoy this a bit. We don’t come here everyday, because we live in Germany. SO… in this chapter you MIGHT wonder (you sure as hell will) why Paul’s acting so strange… again. Don’t be scared of him, you’ll get the answer to his weird behavior in one of the last chapters – so read on ;p!

Chapter 4 – I Spent So Many Years Learning How To Survive, Now I’m Writing Just To Let You Know I’m Still Alive

It was a wonderful evening until now. Really great, not even boring or anything, no way. Okay, to be honest: this was one of the most boring evenings I had spent in my whole life. The only reason which made me stay at Paul’s “party” was my recently found dream girl, Ashlee, who was lying next to me on the floor in the two-men-sleeping bag belonging usually to Paul.

A couple of days ago he had that GREAT conversation with his flirts that he still tried to impress, which was senseless anyway, because they were a couple. I didn’t understand why he didn’t get the point. Anyway, they had this GREAT conversation which was probably about more or less exciting DVD nights. The only thing I had gotten had been that Joel was really interested in those Disney movies and that Benji had glanced at him with furrowed eyebrows.

So, now Paul, Joel, Ashlee, Benji and I were lying on the living room carpet, snuggled up in sleeping bags, watching some stupid DVDs. I had been falling asleep at least three times, but because of Joel’s overrated loud squealing (“Oh, I bet they’re kissing the next moment. I’m already so excited!”) I had woken up again every now and then, unfortunately. Just like now.

“Duh, I hate these hunters! Why did they have to kill Bambi’s mom? Gee, these movies are kickin’ ass, Benji. I never thought I’d actually like them.” Joel snacked on one of the double chocolate muffins, which didn’t really taste like double chocolate. Out of boredom, I had found out that they tasted like cheese. At first I had been surprised, but then I had realized that Paul had cooked them.

“That’s exactly what I question myself,” Benji muttered rather sarcastic, visibly forcing his eyelids open while shoving Frosted Mini-Wheats mechanically in his mouth.

Wow, there had somebody as much fun as me. I sighed and nuzzled my head into my pillow. Ashlee was already asleep next to me. Jealousy. I wanted to be the one who was sleeping and dreaming of finally kissing my baby once again, but because of Joel and Paul talking it was impossible. The two were the only ones who were fully there with their minds. Benji seemed pretty self-distracted and I… well, I was just about to close my eyes until the next day.

For a few minutes it was almost quiet as a mouse. The only sound I could hear was Benji chewing on his dry Wheat shit and talking to Joel about whatever. I was wondering where Paul had gone to. Maybe he had fallen asleep, or maybe he was in the bathroom. Nah, he couldn’t have spent fifteen minutes on the toilet.

Just in the moment I had blocked out Paul in my thoughts I heard an earpiercing applause from Joel. God, I thought that stupid movie was finally over!

“Paul, Paul! Woooohooo, yeah that’s amazing!” Joel shouted. I hadn’t known yet that there was a character in Bambi who was called Paul.

“Joel, turn off the TV. We have seen this film already.” I growled and turned to the other side, facing Benji with my eyes tightly closed.

I heard Benji shifting next to me, mumbling something inaudible. Where the fuck had this sudden anxiety come from? I had to see what was going on here, but I was too lazy to roll my tired body on the other side to the center of attention. So I just decided to search the answer in Benji’s face. But I had to do it inconspicuously; because if somebody had noticed I was awake they would have involved me in what childish shit was going on.

As quiet as possible I tried to open only one eye. Yeah, I had to be careful. Somehow I managed it to open my left eye without anybody noticing. In front of my eyes sat Benji Indian style awkwardly chuckling behind his Mini-Wheat-Shit carton. Uhm… sure.

I opened also my other eye and just when I was about to raise my eyebrows at Benji, our eyes connected. Somehow the deep chocolate brown of his orbs confused me. I just didn’t know why. Anyway, he had the same expression as me all over his face.

I could have stared in his eyes for hours and wondered why they freaked me out so much, but I was interrupted by something stirring in the sleeping bag. No, it wasn’t my growing erection which I guessed was caused by Ashlee. It was her who was moving behind me. She turned on her other side, so that her face was nuzzled in my neck. Then she put a warm, smooth arm around me. I felt a soft tickle upon my skin wander my arm up and down.

Benji only giggled louder behind his stupid carton when I spread a satisfied grin over my face. A moment later I got to know why it was so funny, because meanwhile the gentle prickle hat turned into a mean prick.

”Ouch!” I exclaimed, turning on my back and getting a good, involuntarily look under Paul’s skirt. Yup, you heard right. His skirt.

He wore a Cinderella costume, which was a bit short (wait: did I say a bit?), held a wand with a star on its tip he was pricking me with, and had an embarrassing plastic crown on his head. And he was making the Waikiki dance. What… the… fuck…?

“Everybody Party! Dum-di-dum-di-dum!” He tried to sing.

I exchanged a glance with Benji. We both looked as if we would die the next moment from embarrassment. How could we have somebody like that as a friend? For Benji it couldn’t be that worse, because he didn’t know Paul very well yet. I on the other had been knowing him for ages.

Paul continued dancing and singing while we stared at him disgusted. The only one who looked entertained was Joel. He clapped his hands and was swinging to Paul’s singing. Suddenly Paul maneuvered through the door which led into the hallway. I was just about to breath in relief when he entered the room from the other side.

We all moaned exhausted, visibly annoyed by his attempt to cheer. Everybody except Joel. He was singing along to Paul. “Let’s make Party! Sha-la-la-la-la! Let’s make Party! Sha-la-la-la-la-la!”

Joel jumped to his feet and started dancing around Paul, who was making a belly dance. Joel sneaked the plastic wand from Pauls hands which were waving in the air. Joel ran over to us and touched everybody’s upper arm with the star on the tip of it. When he noticed that it didn’t affect us, he finally sat down on his sleeping place and watched the rest of Paul’s belly dance. We others tried to fall asleep again, annoyed. Benji rolled his eyes at his brother and put his wheat shit away, before he also slipped into his sleeping bag on my right side, looking at me.

Before we had the chance to start a conversation, Ashlee tipped on my upper arm. “Your friend is insane, isn’t he?” She hissed, half smirking.

“Just a little bit,” I grinned and turned on my other side, so that I could look her straight in the face, showing Benji my back.

“Alright, I’m going to sleep now. G’night, Billy.”

“Good night, Ash.” I smiled at her.

She turned her back to me and I put an arm around her. Paul, obviously pissed off, finally lay down on his mattress, his two insulating jackets and three large pillows and covered himself with two thick blankets. Finally.

“You’re all stupid,” he muttered as it was silent again after a long time.

“Good night, guys.” Ashlee said to all of us, nice how she was.

I grinned with my eyes shut: “Good Night.”

“Good Night.” I heard Joel from the other end of the room.

“Night.” Benji murmured, sniffling.

We all wished each other a good night, except Paul. I couldn’t believe he, a seventeen year old, was actually pissed, because of something like that, just because we didn’t want to see his hilarious “show”.

While I tried to fall I asleep I head Benji sniffling here and then. I thought that he maybe had a cold or something since the weather hadn’t been the best lately. So I wanted to be polite and asked if he needed a tissue, but he denied my request with a short “no”.

Every time I was so close to sink into the dream land, I felt somebody staring at me. I hated it when they did this, but I was too lazy to look around the room for the offender. Instead I just questioned myself who it could have been. Maybe it was Benji who wanted a tissue after all, or maybe it was Paul, who wanted to comport with us again… or maybe it was Ashlee, who wanted to finally kiss me.


One hour later

Okay, I hadn’t managed it to fall asleep. Just great. I decided to take a little piss and then get some food from Paul’s kitchen, because I was nearly starving.

I got up and headed for the bathroom. After I had taken my piss and had listened to its sound I went into the kitchen to look for ice cream or something. I needed real food, not that muffin shit Paul had come up with earlier.

I walked through the dark hallway and entered the pitch-black room. I really knew that house well. It was my second home since Paul had become my best friend. And the kitchen was definitely a place I knew very well, mostly because Paul and I spent most of our free time here creating new recipes.

I straightly went to the freezer compartment, opened it and grabbed the ice cream without even looking. I just knew where Paul’s family used to place things. I closed the door and got a spoon from a drawer. It was the last one. The others were probably in the dishwasher.

Again I felt a pair of eyes darting in my neck. Hell, slowly but surely this got scary. Maybe I should take a seat and calm myself down a little bit. Probably this was all just in my head.

I felt out my way over to the couch and sat down. But instead of falling into the confy couch pillows I collapsed on someone’s lap.

Startled I jumped to my feet and turned around. On the couch sat Benji, his eyes glossy.

You Broke My Mother's Heart, You Broke Your Children For Life
[A/N: We're SO sorry this took as THAT long. School's a bitch and since we don't live in the same city it's difficult to write that piece of... crappy art. It only turns out good when we meet and laugh our asses off about the hilarious ideas we get while we talk about Paul. Uhm.. okay ^^. Thanks to everyone who reviewed the last chapters. You guys rock.]

Chapter 5 – You Broke My Mother's Heart, You Broke Your Children For Life

“Benji?” I whispered, pressing the ice cream and spoon out of fear hard against my chest.

He didn’t use his voice to answer me. He just nodded and tapped on the spot next to him. Just in the moment I wanted to sit down, I saw something moving on the couch and it was definitely not Benji. I looked closely at the point where I saw it and recognized little legs lagging around and guessed it was a spider.

I drew back. I hated spiders and I was so scared of them, that I almost started to scream. But I thought better of it because it would have been embarrassing since Benji was sitting here. It would be unexplainable why I over-reacted only because of a little spider which was probably more scared of me then me of it. I stood a few seconds numb, watching it reciprocating.

“Don’t you wanna sit down, Billy?” Benji suddenly interrupted my scientific research.

“Hang on. There’s a spider, Benji. I’m SO scared of them.” I tried to explain him my strange behavior.

Benji jumped up and looked at the same point as I did. I watched him, spotting an alarmed expression on his face.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” He nearly cried, forcing himself to be silent.

“Because I wasn’t sure. But… what’s the matter?” I was surprised.

“I am scared of spiders. I hate those animals. They’re so ugly.” He explained.

“Benji, don’t be scared. It’s enough when it’s me who’s being the coward. I hate spiders. And I can’t stand it to see them walking, because their moving legs are so disgusting.” I let it out, putting on a serious look.

Benji started to laugh. I couldn’t explain it. Was he laughing in relaxation or was he really laughing at me?

I went into it. “Why are you laughing? That’s not funny.”

“Yes, it is. I’m actually not scared of spiders. Why should I? They’re harm and more scared of us. So, it’s true, you are scared of spiders?” He burst out in laughter again.

“Er… no… it was just a… joke… really! I wanted… to scare you!” I stuttered ashamed.

He was laughing the next few moments and then calmed down. He sat back on his seat on the couch and watched me. I had to sit down, too. Otherwise he would believe I was actual scared of spiders. Oh my god, I was shaking a second time. But I had no choice.

After a while of hesitation I finally calmed down from the shock and walked over to him. Relieved I sat down Indian Style, putting the ice cream on my lap. I felt shivers running down my spine… Well, maybe it was because of the cold ice cream box on my buff skin.

Under Benji’s stare I lifted a spoonful ice cream to my mouth and licked it. Why the hell was he staring at me like that?

I peeked to my left side to face Benji. “Why are you looking at me like this?” I wanted to know, still licking the soft cream. I thought he would laugh again, but I couldn’t even see the smallest smile, so it had to be something else.

“Uhm…” He mumbled with a tone in his voice which affirmed me he was embarrassed. “Just, because… I’m jealous.”

Please, what?

“Repeat that.” I sat the spoon down, staring irritated at Benji. What the fuck was he talking about?

“I’m jealous.” He repeated his answer for me. I shot him a questioningly look. Why was he jealous? “Be-because… because of… uhm… you know… there’s that thing between… I-I mean… I’m jealous, because of… uh…”

“Yeah?” I went into his stutter, my eyebrows furrowed.

“Because of that spoon!” He exclaimed finally, visibly proud of his answer, and pointed to the silver object in my right hand.

“Okay… sure.” I nodded sarcastically, moving a bit further to the left. This guy had to be insane!

“Yeah Billy, you’ve got a spoon and me not.” He pouted.

“So what?”

“I could need one here.” He pointed to his lap.

“WHAT? You need a spoon to jerk yourself off!?” I shouted excitedly. This couldn’t be true. Very probably he was some pervert, who had pretended the whole time that he was friends with us only to rape me now. Slowly but surely I was getting scared of his weird behavior.

“Pssst…! No!” He leaned forward, looking me beseechingly in the eye to make me go quiet.

“Okay.” I said frightened. ĄThen why do you need my spoon?“

“Because Paul’s chocolate drops are sticking together and I can’t get them apart. I don’t wanna shove the whole lump in my mouth… ew…”

“Oh.” I managed to say, the redness creeping upon my cheeks. How embarrassing that I hadn’t seen the little, round box on his lap. I was such a dumb idiot.

Politely I gave him the spoon, a little as an excuse for my dumbness. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, Billy.” Benji mumbled, while he started breaking the chocolate lump in single drops. When he was done he put one into his moth and chewed on it. But judging after his facial expression it didn’t taste very good.

I had to laugh, “I knew it! In Paul’s house everything doesn’t taste how it’s supposed to be.”

“Yeah.” Benji chuckled, chewing with his mouth wide open, so that he couldn’t taste too much of the nasty drop. “I could have guessed it. But now it’s too late. I ate it.”

“You didn’t have to swallow it down.” I looked around, pointing on the garbage can in the corner. “You could have spit it out right there.”

“No, it’s okay. But don’t expect me to eat more of them…” Benji replied.

“Well, that ice cream doesn’t taste good as well.” I admitted. “I think it’s supposed to taste like chocolate but all I can taste is something similar to burnt caramel.”

Benji threw his head back, giggling silly. “That’s weird man. Hm… maybe we could mix it.”

“Mix what?” I raised my eyebrows at him, the moon which shone through the window, lightly revealing Benji’s casual face. For the first time I noticed his pout lips he was licking with his tongue right now to get the trace of chocolate off of them. It was kinda… attractive.

“Mix the weird chocolate ice cream with the even weirder tasting chocolate drops.” He whispered, gesturing to the different items in the process.

“Oh.” I nodded. “Yeah… yeah, we could try that. I’m nearly starving and I’m craving for anything which is eatable to a certain degree.”

“Me, too.” Benji smiled, before he emptied the whole drops box in the ice cream carton.

“So, and now you gotta mix that.” He ordered and stuck the spoon towards me.

A little bit hesitantly I took it and dug it into the ice cream. I tried to move it, but the mass was so consistent that it was nearly impossible.

“It doesn’t work.” I whined.

Benji made a strange muffled laughter: “Oh, c’mon. You can’t be that weak!”

“Yes, I am.” I told him frustrated.

He shook his head. “I’ll show you.”

I was just about to let go of the spoon to leave it to him, when I felt his warm fingers wrap around mine, guiding my hand with the spoon through the ice cream. I gave him an astonished look. I hadn’t thought of something like that when the told me he’d show me…

He just smiled at my dumb expression, my mouth lightly agape and my eyes burning into our hands. His felt so soft. Almost like Ashlee’s… What was I thinking about? Benji wasn’t a girl! He’s a real guy. A tough guy. The opposite of me.

“Billy?” Benji’s voice echoed in my ears.

I snapped out of my thoughts, facing him, “Yeah?”

“I said you can stop now. I don’t wanna eat liquidly chocolate.” He smiled. It was then when I noticed his hands weren’t an longer wrapped around mine.

“Oh, yeah. Sure, sure… uh.” I nodded, glad that it was almost pitch dark in the room, so he wouldn’t see my pink cheeks.

“You wanna try first?” I asked, trying to make up for my dumbness.

I saw the corners of Benji’s mouth twitch, a smirk creeping upon his face. What the fuck was he up to now? “Sure.”

I gave him the spoon, accidentally touching the tips of his fingers. I gasped silently as I sensed a strange feeling, making me pull away quickly. God, was I acting strange this night! It had to do something with Paul’s muffins. Certainly he’d poisoned us with his childlike behavior… but why was it only me then who was acting so weird? Well, beside Paul.

As soon as Benji had a bit of the ice cream on the spoon he lifted it to his mouth, my gaze following his movements. Just when I focused on his lips, which looked as soft as his hands, he suddenly stuck the spoon towards me, holding it in front of my face.

“Open your mouth,” he ordered.

Before I could revolt, I had already parted my lips, feeling the cold cream melting on my tongue. Benji kept on smiling at me with that God damn mysterious smirk.

“And?” He whispered his expression full of expectation.

“Uh... good. Tastes like real chocolate,” I said as if someone was steering me. I just stared at him, not even noticing that I had said something.

“Good.” There was that smirk again. “Can I try?”

I slowly nodded, still shyly stealing looks at his, I grant, beautiful features. I pushed the ice cream box further to him, expecting he wanted to get a spoonful. Instead he just came closer to me, shaking his head, his eyes smiling at me with anticipation.

“I wanna taste it from you.” His lips formed the words perfectly, curling into a soft smile.

That was when I felt my heart pounding so loud in my chest I was sure it’s jump out every second. My mind was racing. I felt the blood speeding through my veins, as if I’d just drunken three bottles of beer in one hour. I hadn’t the time to think about if it was right or not. It was happening so fast. To me it seemed like an eternity until his hot breath was tickling upon my skin, our lips separated by a needle thin gap of air.

“PAUL!”, someone screamed, causing us to horrify and flinch apart.

“Paul, stop trying to rape me!”, we heard the voice again.

Benji and I looked at each other, speaking up at the same time “Joel.”

Without thinking we leapt from the couch, sprinting to the stairs and almost stumbling over our own feat in the process. Although Joel’s screaming was convulsive into the marrow, it didn’t keep off my mind from circling around one question: What had just happened down there in the kitchen? Hell, I didn’t know. And I hadn’t the time now to think about it. I had to rescue Joel from Paul, whatever he was doing to him.

When Benji and I had finally reached the living room in the second floor, we couldn’t believe our eyes. I couldn’t believe what I saw. No, I didn’t want to believe what I saw...
And In My Heart I Wanna Undo All This Murder And Give Back The Innocent Lives
Ha! SOpure and theTruth present the UPDATE OF THE CENTURY! Yeah, we know, we know... it's amazing XP. We hope you like it and giggle a little bit. It's ridiculous as always.

Chapter 6 – And In My Heart I Wanna Undo All This Murder And Give Back The Innocent Lives

“Wait.” I said and blocked Benji the way to Paul’s room, whose door was a bit ajar, so that we could see what was going on.

He shot me a confused glance, urgency evident in his eyes. “What? Why the fuck?” He hissed.

“We gotta do this more professional,” I whispered and nodded with my head in the direction we came from, giving him the hint to step a few feet backwards.

He did so, however, still confused. Only as we arrived at the stairs he finally realized the meaning of my great plan.

“Oh, I see… awesome idea, Billy!” He admitted, acknowledging my hard work to puzzle out this plan with a nod.

“Okay,” I breathed excitedly, “I suggest you make the music and I play the cop.”

Benji bit his lip nervously, “Alright.”

A few seconds later he began hammering the melody of Pink Panther to give our intention a bit more style, while I was sneaking carefully to Paul’s door where Joel’s weird shouts came from. I intimated Benji to lift his hands next to his head, put them together and form with his fingers a gun, just like I did.

“I go in and you give me rear cover.” I demanded.

“Okay, babe uh BOSS!” He whispered, shaking his head in irritation. What was that? Certainly he was just tired.

I licked my lips, bounced my eyebrows up and down, before I focused again on Paul’s room door. I took a deep breath, counted to three, whereas I nodded, and slammed the door open.

“Oh my god!” I breathed sharply, “Stop it, stop it! Police!”

Benji came forward and his eyes grew wide, “Mr. Thomas,” he said sternly, “Stop. Raping. My. Brother.”

Okay, Paul wasn’t really raping Joel, but at least he was lying upon him. We just wanted to make a little joke.

“Yeah, he’s right!” I said bumptious, “Put your hands behind your head, get up and stand with your face turned to the wall! Immediately!”

Thunderstruck, Paul got up. Joel, shocked and confused how he was in this situation, got up too and did the same like Paul.

Eventually they stood both against the wall, facing Benji and me with their backs.

“Oh my God, Oh my God! I haven’t done anything. Oh my God!” Joel whimpered like a little girl.

Benji cleared his throat, “Uhm.. Joel,” he said a bit irritated, “We didn’t want you to get up as well. But uh… if you wanna stay there… go ahead.”

Meanwhile I had got a whip from Paul’s toy box. Ha, this was gonna be fun…

With a crazed look on my face I swung the whip back and forth, laughing alarmingly every so often.

“Mr. Martin,” Benji dared it to call me by my last name, “I think the ice cream wasn’t good for you.”

Suddenly Paul’s head shot up,” What? Ice cream? Where? In my house? – WHOOHOOO!”

“Uh.. NO Paul,” I said determined. “Now get ready for your punishment.”

“Okay.” He squealed smiling and turned back to the pink-green painted wall.

I thought he didn’t know what would expect him the next moment.

However, before I could get the chance to hit their pretty, little asses – except Paul’s of course – Benji grabbed the whip from my hands…

… and hit my own butt.

“EE-AH!” I jumped and turned around to face Benji, only to see him smirking like a pervert idiot.

Oh. My. God. There was something seriously wrong with all of them. But what? I would see through their game!

I shook the confused expression from my face and recollected myself again quickly, “I’ll see guys at the commissariat.”

I turned around and went downstairs, shaking my head once in a while at my friends’ weird behaviors.
When I arrived in the living room I saw Ashlee still sleeping peacefully in our sleeping bag, which Paul had lent us, how I mentioned earlier.


Ten minutes later

Vehemently I ran through the room, grabbing stuff here and there from several commodes, tables and racks. I picked biros, papers and a typewriter, which I found in the highest board of the rack. Then I put all the things down in the little area that was bordered with the sleeping bags of Benji and Joel. This area was my commissariat.

“Hm?” I thought out loud, “Something is still missing…”

That was when it hit me: In every well equipped commissariat had to be a bottle of Whisky, in case important business associate would arrive surprisingly. I had seen that on TV.

So I went into the kitchen and dug through the refrigerator. Luckily I found the bottle with Whisky after a few seconds. I grabbed it and closed the door, before eyeing my find.

It looked a little bit disgusting. But then I realized that it looked that way, because Paul and I had mixed it with the rest of my Bacardi at our last party, two days ago.

Out of a sudden I heard footsteps coming from the staircase.

“Fuck. They’re coming,” I mumbled.

Quickly I rushed to my office and put the Bacardi-Whisky down. I also wrote “The commissariat – Billy Martin” on a piece of paper, before I stuck it on the outside of the living room door.

The footsteps became louder and stopped when my friends arrived in front of my door. I heard them murmuring and laughing ridiculously about something.

“No way he actually did that. I thought he was joking when he said he’d meet us in his commissariat.” I heard Joel’s voice.

“Sure he didn’t drink anything before you two came up there?” Paul’s muffled voice asked.

“Yeah. We only had a bit weird ice cream,” Benji said.

Suddenly the door flew open and the couple plus Paul entered. When they saw what I had built up they abruptly stopped in their tracks and stared at me with unbelieving faces.

“What the fuck, Billy?” Paul blinked, his mouth wide open.

I adjusted the black emo-glasses I had “borrowed” from Paul, “And you are-?”

“Uhm.. I’m.. Paul?” Paul replied with an insecure look on his features.

“Oh,” I asserted, “I remember. You’re Mr. Thomas, the prime suspect in this case.”

Before Paul or anybody else could argue I demanded them to sit down on the floor, which was already part of my office. I took a seat at the opposite side.

I just wanted to start with the legal proceeding, when Benji interrupted my actions.

“WOAH!” He exclaimed, “Did you see that shitty police documentation on BBC, too?”

I frowned, “Why?”

“Because of the Whisky, man! Wow, it looks so real here, dude!”

“Thanks.” I nodded, “Since you haven’t done anything illegal, Mr. Madden... uh Benji, it’d be a honor for me to offer you one.”

Benji’s eyes grew wide, while the others pulled a face.

“That’s really nice of you,” Benji admitted and grabbed the bottle. He took a swing, before setting the bottle back down and wiping his mouth.

He coughed a little bit, “What is that? That isn’t Whisky.”

Before I could answer his question, Joel snapped the bottle away and took a long, deep sip.

“Gah!” He grimaced, “That’s disgusting, man. Hm… I would say,” he smacked his lips, “that’s Wodka and Korn.”

“What?” Benji raised his eyebrows, “No way. Let me try again.” He pulled the bottle from Joel’s hands and took another sip from it. “I’m pretty sure it’s Blue and Klara.”

“What the fuck is Klara?” Paul asked dumbfounded.

I wanted to involve my specialized knowledge und piped up, “It’s some shit from Germany, I think.“

“What? I didn’t know we have such things in our house. – Well, let me try.” And with that Paul had already gulped a huge amount of Bacardi-Whisky.

“Hey, don’t empty that shit! I’m the commissar!” I yelled, snatching the bottle away from Paul and taking a sip by myself.

“Hey, I wanna try that Klara shit, too!” Joel argued.

“Calm down man. I never said it was Klara!”

“Well, than let us find out what it is!” Benji pouted.

I rolled my eyes and let happen what had to happen. After three rounds of Bacardi-Whisky or Klara-Blue we all lay on the floor, giggling and making fun of Joel’s hard-on.

“Hey Benji baby,” I chuckled, watching Benji’s pupils focus on me.

“YeeAA-RM?” He slurred, totally drunk.

“I’d love to fuck your ass,” I laughed and slapped his tight ass cheeks.

“Whooohoooo!!!” Joel screamed and tried to throw his hands in the air, but miserably failed as he punched himself in the face. “Who-hoo-HOO wants to help meee with jerking o-hoff! La, la…!”

“WHAT? – I, I, I! Please!” Paul laughed as if somebody was tickling him. “I’ll do you a fucking blow-job, bitch!”

While Paul pulled down Joel’s pants, I quickly fixed my lightly blurred gaze on Benji’s full pout lips.

“Aren’t you jealous of Paul?” I wanted to know, petting the tip of his nose.

Benji shook his head, knitting his brows. “What? No, I could never be jealous of my own bro-“

“What the fuck is going on here, BOYS?” A high pitched voice interrupted Benji, causing us to freeze.

The whole room was quiet, everybody stared at Ashlee, who was looking at us very angry. Every one contemplated despairingly what to say.

“We’re making a party,” Joel finally came up with something, grinning exaggeratedly and pointing to his little Joely.

Ashlee’s eyes seemed to fall out of her head. “What? I’m very disappointed of you.”

We looked guiltily to the ground. Wow, that was tough. Now my only girlfriend hated me.

“Yes, I’m very disappointed… that you made a party without MEEE!” She suddenly shouted and ran over to us. She hugged us, turned on the radio and grabbed the Whisky bottle.

Everybody continued doing what he had done earlier and within five minutes Ashlee was just as drunken as us.

I didn’t get the opportunity to kiss Benji, because I had to spend some quality time with my girlfriend. We came closer and closer until her lips were just a few inches away from mine. My eyes gleamed with anticipation and eventually she closed the gap between our mouths. The looked-for kiss finally happened.

But it wasn’t really what I had expected and I realized something horrifying…

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