Submission Rules

Administrators review all submissions to ensure the following guidelines are met and will validate or reject your story/chapter accordingly. Most submissions are checked by a validator within 24 hours of posting. If your story has been in the queue for more than 72 hours, please contact us. Be sure to save a backup copy of your story/chapter prior to submitting for admin review.

  1. By uploading your submission, understand you are agreeing to our terms of service.

  2. Submissions must have minimal spelling and grammatical errors.

  3. Story titles should have correct capitalization and contain no special characters or profanity.

  4. Stories must be submitted to the appropriate category. Multiple categories may be selected.

  5. Summaries should be a brief representation of your story and not be used for author notes. Pictures are not allowed.

  6. Rate your story by the highest rated chapter. Be sure to use appropriate warnings and classifications.

  7. Stories should be original works and not plagiarized. Cite your references and give credit.

  8. If you use song lyrics in your story, please provide both the title of the song and name of the artist in an author note.

  9. Avoid interrupting your story with author notes and messages. Use story, chapter, and end notes for this purpose.

  10. Use story, chapter, and end notes responsibly and only when needed. Use review responses for communication.

  11. Do not demand reviews in your summary or story text, or tell readers that you will not update unless you receive x amount of reviews.

  12. Use the correct format for your story. Your paragraphs should be recognizable and easy to read.

  13. Do not use netspeak in your story. Netspeak is allowed in author's notes.

  14. Do not include pictures in your story unless they are relevant. Pictures must match the given rating for your story.

  15. Crossover stories are welcome as long as they feature a member of Good Charlotte as a main character or are placed in the "Other Bands" category.

A story or chapter that has been rejected may be resubmitted once the appropriate changes have been made. Continuing to submit your story without making changes may result in the suspension or termination of your account. If you wish to dispute why your story was rejected, you are always welcome to contact us.