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We are a fan fiction archive for the band Good Charlotte.

The site was created in 2004 following the ban of real person fiction on several popular fan fiction sites. In the course of a year, the site experienced four server moves and β€œThe Crash of 2005” which unfortunately caused thousands of accounts, stories and reviews to be lost forever. With the help of our dedicated members, the site grew bigger and better than ever, quickly regaining its momentum.

The site can be accessed through each of our domain names ( Anything else, even if it bears our name, is not part of the archive unless otherwise stated.

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We are a non-profit website made by fans for fans. Though we do not generate revenue, there are many costs associated with running the archive such as hosting and domain fees. We ask that our members donate occasionally to help with the burden of these costs. As further incentive, the site will be placed on hiatus whenever donations run low. This means the site will remain active, yet unavailable to use until more donations are received. The more donations we get, the longer the site remains open. Once our fundraising goal is met for the year, there will no longer be risk of hiatus.

Cost of the site can fluctuate depending on rising domain fees and hosting. Typically the site costs $120-140 to operate for a full year.





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How old do I have to be to sign up for an account?
In accordance to COPPA laws, registration is open to all users provided you are over 13 years of age or have permission from a parent or guardian.

How many accounts am I allowed to have?
Each individual is limited to one account. If you have forgotten your information, please visit the lost password page or you can attempt to find your account by performing a member search. If you remember part of the penname/e-mail address you can perform a wildcard search (i.e. if you know your penname or e-mail had the word "fun" in it, you can simply type "fun" in the search field and it will pull all accounts that have the word "fun" somewhere in the penname or e-mail depending on which search you choose). If your e-mail address is invalid and you still cannot login to your account, contact us for resolution.

What does the popup mean saying I failed the security question?
As an extra form of protection against spammers, we have introduced a security question to the registration page. You must enter the first name of the individual whose picture appears on the form. Be sure to use proper capitalization (i.e. Bob) or you will not pass the spam protection.


What do the story ratings mean?

  • - Content should be free of any coarse language, violence, and adult themes.
  • - May contain mild coarse language and/or minor action violence without serious injury, but should not contain any adult themes.
  • - May contain some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes.
  • - May contain non-explicit suggestive adult themes, references to some violence, or coarse language.
  • - May contain explicit language and adult themes (i.e. detailed descriptions of physical interaction of sexual or violent nature).

Why are you asking for a security code?
A security code (a.k.a. CAPTCHA) is needed in several areas such as comments and reviews. It is required as a form of spam protection.

What is the shoutbox?
The shoutbox is a place where members can leave messages for the admins or each other, or where online members can chat in real time.

Why am I not getting notifications?
Make sure your e-mail address is correct by going to the edit bio page in your account area. If it is correct, check that you have notifications turned on in your preferences by going to the edit preferences page in your account area. If the boxes are checked and you still are not receiving notifications, make sure our e-mails are not going to your spam folder and/or you have us listed as a safe sender.

How do I change the site skin associated with my account?
Members have the option of choosing which site skin they see when they are logged in to their account. To change your site skin, go to the edit preferences page in your account area and choose the skin you wish to set as your default by selecting it from the drop menu.

What does it mean to track a story?
The story tracker keeps tabs on when you last read a story. This feature may be useful if you do not want to add a story to your favorites but you still want to "keep track" of it (like a bookmark). A message will appear on the story index (table of contents) that shows when you last read the story. You can then use this information to see if any new chapters have been posted since you last read the story. Tracked stories do not send e-mail notifications when updated so if you want that feature for a story, you will need to add it to your favorites.

Why does my emoji not display in my comment/review?
Due to the way the site processes and stores information, not all emojis will work in forms. The emoji links displayed below text areas show which emojis are okay to use. If there are no emoji links under a text area then emojis are not supported in that form and cannot be used.


Why doesn't my story/chapter appear on the site?
Submissions do not appear on the site until they are validated. To find out if your story/chapter has been validated or if it is still in the queue, go to manage stories page in your account area. If this symbol appears in the "Status" column πŸ•’ then your submission is in the queue and is awaiting approval/rejection by a validator.

Why was my story rejected/deleted?
Either your submission violated our terms of service or the submission rules. Once any violations or errors are corrected, you are welcome to resubmit.

How do I show my story as complete/incomplete?
This can be done one of two ways: Go to the manage stories page in your account area. Under the story title you will see "Complete:" then Yes/No. To mark as complete, click the "No" link to change it to "Yes" or vice versa. You can also mark a story as complete by editing that story and checking the box where it says, "Show story as complete" (this option is also available when you are adding a story). If your story is incomplete, make sure this box is unchecked. Users are able to filter stories by completed status so be sure to keep your listing accurate.

Why was my series deleted?
Series must consist of 2 or more stories. If your series was deleted, it is likely you only had one story listed under that series or it violated our terms of service or the submission rules.

How do I see and respond to reviews for my story?
Go to the reviews received page in your account area. From there you can view how many reviews your story has received and read the reviews by clicking on the number of reviews link associated with your story. The "Respond" column lists the number of reviews that you have not yet responded to. Responding to reviews is completely optional. To respond to a review, click the ❇ symbol next to the review.

Why is there a οΏ½ symbol in my submission?
In order to support emojis on the site we needed to change the character set the site was based on. Because of this, some characters (most likely apostrophes) are not recognized, such as characters that were copied and pasted from external sources. If your story contains this symbol, you will need to edit the source and fix these characters. We have attempted to correct as many of these errors as we can, however due to the size of the archive there may be some we have missed. If you notice this symbol, please report the story by clicking the 🚩 flag and choosing "Bug Report" as the report type.


How can I change my avatar?
You may upload a custom avatar by going to the manage avatar page in your account area. A new upload will replace your current avatar.

How do I make an avatar via the photo gallery?
Find a picture you would like to convert to an avatar. On the image page, you will see the link " Make avatar from this picture".

How do I change the information that appears on my profile?
Go to the edit bio page in your account area. Here you may write a short bio about yourself (optional) or enter links to social media sites.

How do I change my penname on the site?
If you would like to change your penname but keep all your stories, reviews, favorites, etc. you may make a $1.00 donation to the site by following the link below and we will change your penname at earliest opportunity. Your new penname must be available at time of purchase. This one time donation will count towards the yearly fundraiser and earn you a donator profile badge.

Current Penname
New Penname

Why is my profile link broken?
On social media sites, you only need to enter your username for that site. Do not enter the full URL or your link will not work. The only exception is the web site field in which you will enter the full URL.

What are profile badges and how do I get one?
Badges are earn-able rewards for members. You can earn badges by donating, leaving reviews, updating stories, etc. Be sure to check the homepage periodically to view newly released badges.