Reviews For Dressing Room Fun

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  • Reviewed by: WeBeLiEvEtHaTbEnJiIsSeXy on 05/29/2005 🚩
    wow...that was amazing..
  • Reviewed by: Billyz_Strawberry_Licker on 05/23/2005 🚩
    i absolutely loved it!
  • Reviewed by: bmadden on 04/02/2005 🚩
    Ah.... I can't speak intelligibly... cwehifh92h40fh.... wowowowow and 70,000 more wows...

    Author's Response: Haha, thanx hun!
  • Reviewed by: mest_up_chick on 04/02/2005 🚩
    this was good. I liked it. it was hot. *purrs* you've won me over.

    Author's Response: Awwwww! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thak you sweetie!
  • Reviewed by: Kinky Slut on 04/02/2005 🚩
    I thought this story rocked. It doesnt seem like your first story. Go you! lol. bye!!

    Author's Response: Thanks luv! When I saw you reveiwed I was jumping up and down. I'm such a dork! Thanx :)
  • Reviewed by: Noz on 04/02/2005 🚩
    I like that! And if you say this is your first fic, I'm impressed! Rock on!

    Author's Response: Thank you so much! I wasnt sure if anyone would like it. Thanks for taking the time to reveiw :)