Reviews For Hurting on the inside

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  • Reviewed by: on 03/30/2005 🚩
    Like it so far ;)
  • Reviewed by: bleeding_heart_87 on 03/02/2005 🚩
    lol Benj is all like 'wtf' but she's happy! wonders of what to do upstairs! lol I barely noticed you had to repost everything again! but this is awesome! :)
  • Reviewed by: kiara_punkyvalentine on 03/02/2005 🚩
    will they do the dirty thing ? i'm sure benji is in love with her .. but why does he hang out with this girl.. he is stupid... anyway ..I LOVE your story i can't wait the next chapter !! pleaaaaaaase update soon !! ... pleaaaase...please!
  • Reviewed by: irish_lies on 03/02/2005 🚩
    Hey, I think your story is great. Can't wait for the next update!
  • Reviewed by: InsideNeedsOut on 02/25/2005 🚩
  • Reviewed by: Lostwithoutyou on 02/25/2005 🚩
    love the story its so awesome please upate soon laterz
  • Reviewed by: kiara_punkyvalentine on 02/25/2005 🚩
    what??????????? no more chapter???? no no no !! don't stop now !! nooooooooo pleaaaaaaaase pleaaaaaaaase!! please!!!!!!! i beg you !!