Reviews For Dying To Stay Alive

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  • Reviewed by: hankthegirl on 10/02/2007 🚩
    :( Sad, but good.
  • Reviewed by: 13_Black_Roses on 04/07/2007 🚩 poor Billy. *Cries* That was a good story! Oh, man, it made me cry, though! T__T
  • Reviewed by: achoogoesthedustball on 08/05/2006 🚩
    It's beautiful. It really is.
  • Reviewed by: deathissedation on 07/26/2005 🚩
  • Reviewed by: XxiheartBenjixX on 06/18/2005 🚩
    i thought this was the best story cuz i thought Joel died but it was actually billy, it was good how u didnt findout till the end who really died! it was pretty sad though
  • Reviewed by: xGpredictableCx on 03/16/2005 🚩
    I really liked this story. A lot. I don't care if there are no fish in the Hudson lol. Your story is great the way it is and I wouldn't change a thing. This is one of those stories that can be this short and be complete, know what I'm saying? Loved it, keep writing!

    Author's Response: lol. aww! thanks hunn! i'm happy that you really liked this one! thanks for the review...for this story and for all the others you reviewed for! its really appreciated! thanks a bunch!
  • Reviewed by: BENJISBRIDE on 03/08/2005 🚩
    Oh I loved it! It was one of those one chapter wonders!!! Loved!!!

    Author's Response: one chapter wonder huh? lol! thanks! i'm glad you loved it! :D thank you bunches for reviewing! i appreciate it!
  • Reviewed by: a7xforlife on 02/17/2005 🚩
    *tear* that was sad. i have just a few critisizims though. 1. How the hell did the Washigton dridge colapse? 2. There's no fish in the Hudson. 3. You can't see in it, it's extremly dirty, which is why they're are no fish. 4. Where the hell did the snow tube come from. Other than that it was great. sorry if i came across as alittle mean or something.

    Author's Response: 1.) from the fires and explosions and was just in the story. 2) in my story, there are fish in the hudson. 3)well....the water has become miraculously clear. 4) the snow tube came from someone's car. they had it tied to their roof or hell maybe in the car. they were gonna head up to Vermont or new hampshire for a few weeks. no, you didn't come across a little mean. just you have to's a story and it's fiction. which means not true. the story itself is not true and facts in the story and events are not true. Think of it like a movie...when a guy falls off a 30 story building while he's being chased and somehow amazingly gets up and starts running again. Yeah, real life...he'd be dead. and nothing but blood and guts splattered all over the place. thanks for the review though!
  • Reviewed by: DarkDreams698 on 02/11/2005 🚩
    awsome story!!!! i kept going back and forth to who had died going from billy to joel bac to billy i was conflustered lol great job of putting a twist 2 it so u wouldnt no who died untill the very end!! ur such a good writer i love ur stories keep writing!!!

    Author's Response: Lol! you like my twist? thank you! the whole point of the story was mainly to keep people wondering and in suspense until the last paragraph too! i'm glad to see that it worked! hehe. i like making people confused. it makes it more interesting. hehe. thank you for saying i'm a good writer. you're too sweet! hehe. and i'm glad that you love my stories! i will be sure to keep on writing! thanks a bunch for revieiwing! mwah! its appreciated!
  • Reviewed by: MagickalBlackRose on 02/09/2005 🚩
    Hey chica! I LOVE this story! Hehe some good hidden one-liners in there too...I already pointed out which ones I liked lol Anywho I hope you post more soon. MUST...KNOW...WHAT HAPPENS! Keep up the awesome writing hun love ya!

    Author's Response:'re special. it's a standalone for now. lmfao! but thats why i love you! cause you're oh so special.....meh. i miss you! i can't believe it's been almost a year since i last saw you. *tears* i miss having you staying at my house for 2 much as sharing my room with a "stranger" pissed me off since its so small. i'm just moody but you know that about me already. bwahaha. but i love you and i miss you and i plan on flying out to Ohio to see you this summer and i know you're plannin on coming to Mass cause just told me earlier today. haha. but thank you for the review! tis greatly appreciated! MWAH!
  • Reviewed by: purplemakesmehorny on 02/09/2005 🚩
    I loved it. At first I othught it was Joel that died and you did and awesome job of concealing who died until the end. High five for you

    Author's Response: woohoo! i tricked someone! lol! thank you so much for your review! i really appreciate it! i'm glad you loved my story. it makes me happy to know that. :) thanks so much once again!
  • Reviewed by: person on 02/09/2005 🚩
    Thanks for reposting this, i think it may be one of the best stand alone fics on the site!

    Author's Response: Thank you! that means alot to me. :) i've had strep throat so it's very nice to get a compliment like that. And you're very welcome. :) thank you for reviewing! it is greatly appreciated!