Reviews For Swing My Way

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  • Reviewed by: Disgruntled on 12/01/2014 🚩
    "“You would break your plans with her to be with me?” he asked.

    Joel blushed, turning away. He wasn’t sure what the hell was going on with his girlfriend but he knew he didn’t want to be with her at lunch."

    Let the fun begin...mwuahaha
    Looking forward to the next chapter =)
  • Reviewed by: Disgruntled on 11/07/2014 🚩
    Aww thanks for the dedication.
    It is somewhat torturous knowing how many chapters have been written, as I am so eager to know what happens between Benji & Joel. I have a feeling it will be worth the wait though.
    And I can just sense that a few things will eventually blow up in Benji's face...
  • Reviewed by: Disgruntled on 11/07/2014 🚩
    While ever you write, I am happy to read and review =)
    I found it rather amusing that you chose the name Hilary. I can't believe how long ago that whole fiasco was!
    Can't wait to read more ^_^
  • Reviewed by: Disgruntled on 11/05/2014 🚩
    Hoping you add more to this (fingers crossed). I'm curious to see how it all rolls out.

    Author's Response: Hi! I know this is going to be really odd for you but I can't thank you enough for your review. I was feeling a little dejected since no one had reviewed but you just brightened up my entire week so THANK YOU! I've added another two chapters and I have 17 written so far, I hope you enjoy them. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR REVIEW!!!!