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  • Reviewed by: babbis on 07/03/2014 🚩
    I forgot about this one! It's totally different from the usual plots so if you have more written, I'd def be interested in reading :)

    Author's Response: Thanks! I'm sure I will post more up. I had the story in pieces in three different documents and didn't realize, all together, how much I actually had written of it. So since I have most of it, I will def try to knock out what little I need to finish and post it just to post it.
  • Reviewed by: kortrhill on 10/20/2013 🚩
    Ah! I could have swore that I'd reviewed this story. Obviously I missed out, but, let me just tell you. I LOVE IT already and can't wait for the update! This is such the GREAT idea for a story. Plus, it has Benji in it and you're the author of it.... so naturally I'm going to love the absolute piss out of it.

    Anywho, can I be Alex? She seems like she's got her head on perfectly straight. Like, if I were put in a situation like she's in, I wouldn't even be able to talk for my lack of being able to think... or breathe. I'm so happy the robber let the dad go with the kid, though. Can you imagine? "Oh, I'll let your kid go, but, you? You're staying." Ugh, I'd die.

    Lol. I really feel like everyone in this story is holding it together a lot better than I could even imagine myself doing.

    I'll quit typing your eyes off, just know that I'm so excited for the next chapter and I'm really hoping that it's coming soon!

    Author's Response: I've been working on the update, I promise lol. I have most of it done, actually. I'm glad you like the idea. Hope I can make it come to life well. A great idea can be ruined by a less than great author lol.

    You can be Alex if you really want to. But your mind might change on that later. She is a pretty levelheaded woman though, I must say. I don't think I could be so calm and reasonable either. I know, I did think about separating kid and dad, but it seemed too awful. However, I think that's the last shred of decency the gunman/robber had left, because he sure isn't going to be doing any favors the rest of the story.

    They are all holding it together pretty well. Maybe its just shell shock for now. They might crack as the minutes pass by... Anyway. Glad you're excited. Makes me excited to write lol. Thanks for the love... :)

  • Reviewed by: ethelyn on 10/12/2013 🚩
    So I never usually read or review, but I thought it'd be nice to do it once and a while. For that, I chose the first story at the top of the list, which happens to be yours, and I am so glad that I did. I love the beginning of this - it's different and I can't wait to see where it goes. I've always wanted to do a risky sort of story and you've gone there. Alex, seems smart and pretty brave considering the situation that she's in. Quick in decisions and hopefully she will take the responsibility her decisions entail. My hope is by the end of the story they (by they I mean her and early-thirties guy) will both come out alive. My sister works at a bank and it's my biggest fear that a hostage situation like this would happen. So I'm super interested in where you go with this! Is it weird I kinda wanna know more about who is holding up the bank??

    Author's Response: Aw, well I'm so glad I was at the top of the list then lol. That was the same way I roped Erin into my other story, and she was mad at me because that one had like, 20 chapters for her to catch up on and she said she got addicted lol. I've lucked out with updating at opportune times, I guess lol.

    Yeah, this was kind of just an idea I had rolling around in my head that I wanted to play out. I'm building up ideas for a sequel to another story I have on here, and this was something I posted to get some creative process going in the mean time. I'd had most of this first chapter and a basic plot outline written for a few months now, so I finally decided to work on it more. I'm glad you like it so far, even though there's not much to go on lol. I definitely wanted Alex to be a strong lead. I needed her to be, for the way I want the story to go. I don't think she sees her decisions as a responsibility. Her actions just follow her moral code, and represent her integrity, and so she acts on them so quickly because they just are who she is on the inside. But you're right, that puts a lot of responsibility on her shoulders because she's making decision for other people, in the big picture.

    Sorry to bring out your inner fears of your sister working at a bank. I worked at a grocery store for years that had a bank inside, and it got held up a couple of times while I was working there. Plus, some of my very close co-workers got held up at gun point for the money belonging to the store itself. So it's an idea that has hit kind of close to home for me too, even though they weren't drawn out hostage situations.

    And it's not weird to want to know more about who is holding up the bank. I think that whole idea plays against how Alex feels a moral obligation to save those around her, while this guy couldn't care less about the lives of those around him. I'm working on more of this, I promise. Hopefully I'll have more up soon. Thanks for reviewing! I appreciate it!

  • Reviewed by: Kuzsi on 10/07/2013 🚩
    Aw man, I'm kind of torn right now, I should probably not send you anything without the approval of my one-day-maybe co-writer, but you're once again a freaking mind reader. This has just become serious, hahaha

    Love it so far. Also love the name Max, it's really cute for a girl. And Alex seems cool so far even though all we know is that she has a heart and nice tits, lol. I'm sure Early Thirties is thinking exactly that. "She such big... heart. I should probably introduce myself." Go on, Early Thirties, don't wait. Your life might end in hours anyway so put that charm to use one more time. Children are out of the room so who knows what might happen.

    Now. With all these *very* important things said, if you excuse me, I have a big house and a boat to get back to.

    Author's Response: Oh no! Lol... maybe its just a small coincidence and we're actually planning on taking our ideas in completely different directions lol. I wrote out an outline for this plot a few months back, wrote this chapter about 2 months ago, then started working more on it the last few days. Our minds are too similar haha

    We'll see if Early Thirties has his mind in the gutter even facing impending death. Maybe this will just be an orgy story for the rest of the adults. You'll have to wait and see haha

    Now, with your review responded to, I must be off to see how my luxury horse trailer is coming along. Priorities, you know...