Reviews For Promises Left Unsaid

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  • Reviewed by: Whatever on 10/12/2014 🚩
    Ok, so my plan was to read these chapters tomorrow because I really need to be sleeping right now. I have to get up and go to work in a few hours but you know what, I couldn't stop reading. It's a really good story and I'd love to read more. Now that you've kept me up I hope you realize you have to continue, right?! ;) and just so you know I'm more of a writer than a reader but you caught my attention. Thank you for that!

    Author's Response: Thanks so much! You're too sweet! Hope to have more up fairly soon (just started a new job and I'm working a lot of hours for my initial orientation). Thanks again for reading and letting me know how you liked it! It's a big motivator!!
  • Reviewed by: Whatever on 10/12/2014 🚩
    Awesome! I'm going to continue reading this tomorrow, but an awesome first chapter!
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 10/01/2014 🚩
    I'm still enjoying their story! :) They're very real and I like that about this story. I like their honesty and ease and comfort with each other, minus the hiccup of trying to justify feelings Benji felt guilty for. But now they're together... so... I'm curious to see where they go from here. I didn't expect it to be so easy lol.

    Author's Response: LOL, thanks for reading and commenting! Hope to have another chapter up fairly soon! Things may have seemed like they were easy to get to this point, but the future may bring more difficulties. Thanks again!!
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 04/29/2014 🚩
    *eye rolls for boys who are too big of pussies to break up with a girl they hate because they don't want to deal with the crazy*

    *eye rolls for boys who ignore what's right in front of them, even when other people have literally pointed it out for them*

    *eye rolls for boys in general because they're idiots*

    *eye rolls for girls who can't take a hint*

    Looking forward to an update on this! I hope Benji can grow a pair in the next chapter lol

    Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!!! I know it's been forever since I updated and I'm so sorry! I'm getting ready to submit another chapter shortly!!

  • Reviewed by: bladerz on 04/18/2014 🚩

    This is a great story so far, please continue it! And update fast ;)!

    Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for letting me know you're into it! Hope to have another chapter up in a few days!
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 04/15/2014 🚩
    Loving this so far for sure. I love how sweet Benji is, and I'm excited to see how she fairs in LA. I'm glad they're getting away from Maura. She sounds like a mother-in-law I know all too well and wish I could move away from lol. I hope you can update a little sooner next time! But I understand, nursing school is grueling I'm sure.

    Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it! I know a mother-in-law kind of like that too..... Wishing I could move to the West Coast as well haha. Posted a new chapter last night, hoping to have another up in a few days! Thanks for reading and reviewing! (PS, I replied to this yesterday but for some reason it didn't post.... sorry :) )
  • Reviewed by: silverstein on 06/08/2013 🚩
    Totally enjoyable! Cannot wait to read more. The emotion in this chapter was incredible. I nearly welled up multiple time. Love it.

    Author's Response: Thanks for reading and commenting and sorry it took me so long to reply and update. Hope to have more up soon! Thanks for taking the time to check it out!
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 06/05/2013 🚩
    Aw I really like this story, but it's so sad. Benji is just a good friend, and I like that it really is coming from a selfless place for him. Can't wait to see how the whole thing develops and unfolds.

    Author's Response: I'm glad you like it so far and I'm sorry it's been so long since I updated/replied to comments. I'm really going to try to update more frequently! Thanks for reading/commenting and I hope you enjoy what's in store for it!
  • Reviewed by: bladerz on 06/03/2013 🚩

    This story line is just so good, really excited to see where it goes & also when Benji & Rachel  start to fall in love haha :) also about "Tradgey" I think you should keep it going, I loved the first chapter, I think it's a good story :) !!

    Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the start of this story (and hopefully you won't hate me for taking so long to update). I'm hoping to update more frequently now that school is easing up on me just a bit and my life is starting to get a little more normal. Thanks so much for commenting! Hope to have more up soon!