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  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 12/04/2013 🚩
    I am getting offended by your language in these titles. You know me, I hate foul language. I find it unnecessary, and honestly, it's disgraceful. Now that I got that off my chest...

    Holy fuck! This was good. And you brought back the guy who only seems to know the word 'Whore'. Yay. I'm excited to find out what happens from here. With Joel. With the reckless motorist... That Joel- he's a little shit. Trying to get her in trouble, then flirting with her. This is all the shit I'd been waiting to come to a head, and it's finally happening! Hopefully... haha. I'm still torn between wanting them caught at work and not. And I think meeting Ben's family is going to be just as intense as meeting Em's. I can't wait the 3.5 years it's going to take you to update! ;)

    Author's Response: I have big plans for 'The Guy Who Only Knows The Word --Whore--'. I like that guy and his impressive vocabulary. Are you insinuating some sort of connection between Joel, who interestingly enough just disappeared a few minutes before the event, and the reckless motorist? Are you? I will have so much fun with him... in roughly 10000 years, haha. POV next. I promise no foul language, not in the title anyway :)

  • Reviewed by: Leah_79 on 12/01/2013 🚩
    Yay! An update, I'm so happy. I missed reading this story, great job on this chapter. I'm really intrigued in finding out who this dude is, an even though it's probably not going to happen some how deep down I kinda want a little ex-girlfriend drama. I don't know why exactly but I just never pictured the ex to just be the type of normal break up don't see or talk to you anymore kinda girl, I see her as a cray cray chick who ends up getting her assed kicked for being stupid, oh well one can ponder, and you got a reminder missy how often do you need to be reminded? lol ;)

    Author's Response: Women are all over this dude (the stature, all that hair, intelligence, wits - SORRY I MEAN MONEY) so I wouldn't rule out some good old-fashioned cat-fight. And Emily can throw down, if she is pissed off enough. We'll see, we'll see ;) Hopefully no one ends up in the hospital. Hopefully. I'm not guaranteeing anything. :P
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 10/15/2013 🚩
    ... review continued from dumb half-review posting. Ahem... 'I heart Emily' t-shirt. Something something, I don't remember what I said but it was probably brilliantly witty.

    Oh, and also, this whole thing.... “This... is,” her voice trembles as she holds my gaze. I can barely hold myself back. “The restaurant report... don’t.” She whispers the last word, pleading with her eyes. “Three weeks.” “I know.” Her worried eyes dart behind me for a second then they are back on me. “Believe me I know.” You made me feel like I hadn't had sex in three weeks and was dying to get some. I wish he hadn't disabled that stupid lock too. Sigh.

    Anyway, I KNOW I complained that this wouldn't be updated for a while. Then I told you I loved you but I hate you. Because I do. Because I'm like a child who is stamping her foot wanting to know what happens next. Double sigh. I wish your story sucked so I wouldn't care so much that you don't update often. But alas, it doesn't. SO GET TO WORK!

    Author's Response: Without question it was brilliantly witty. I'm laughing even without knowing what it was. See? That's how fantastic a reviewer you are. Low profile, he's not good at that. But then, what could he lose? The poor girl might end up fired, but him? He can lean back in his chair with a satisfied smug little smile and take everybody's congratulations for tapping that ass. So yeah, I guess keeping a low profile isn't on his mind that much. So, about that haven't had sex in three weeks... reflect on it now. Was it really accurate? hahaha I'm sorry, I'm a jerk. I'm sorry. I'll go back to work now. I mean write. No, really, I mean sleep. Because that is what I'm going to do.

  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 10/15/2013 🚩
    Girl, look at you updating all on your own with no death threats or anything! And it only took like, four years! I'm so proud! lol.

    So I need to start at the end, with the dumb Ben not thinking it was a big deal to grab a random stranger and try and strong arm her into blindly walking away with him. Idiot. Seriously. But oh man, I am so excited to see a Joel reappearance. Fucking, I'm so glad right now that this is in Ben's POV too. I'm dying to know what his first thoughts will be. And please, bring on the bloody fight right away, if you feel so inclined.

    Now, this Jenna situation. I mean, how is Ben so absolutely HORRIBLE at keeping a low profile. Geez. He might as well walk around with an 'I

    Author's Response: My updates come so frequently and predictably, huh? But at least I can do them without any persuation.

    The only way he could have made it even worse would have been accidentally grabbing an underage girl. Joel Joel Joel. He'll bring the fun in. I hope. I kinda wanna throw up in my mouth a little thinking about Benjamin so GO JOEL! I might make him beat up Ben just for kicks. I really should stop looking at gossip sites.

  • Reviewed by: Leah_79 on 10/15/2013 🚩
    Oh my gosh you're alive?!?!?!!!! I totally thought you had disappeared... loved the chapter I can't wait to read more... I'm hoping you have something great planned for the next chapter. :) Please don't leave me hanging.

    Author's Response: I'm so so so so sorry. I have started working which means 8+ hours in front of a computer and that leaves me not want to see one when I'm home. But I do have plans for the next chapter and I also have plans to write it tomorrow, haha. I'll try. Feel free to harass me until I do. :)
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 08/21/2013 🚩
    Awwwwww.... poor Em and Ben. They just got slaughtered and hung up to dry in this chapter by Julia. She is an ultra mega bitch. I'm so glad Ben stood up for her (not that I would have expected any different, him being so protective of her and all) even if it didn't make a difference to Julia. But I love Em. She's so sweet, so this was so sad. She was so excited to celebrate Robbie's bday. And poor Robbie. Talk about life-scarring. Am I a bad parent if I would have just quietly snuck back out of the kitchen and then sanitized everything in the morning? Haha. Hubs better be the one to almost catch the kid having sex. Surely it had better not be me. Wonderful update, love. Can't wait to see what happens to these two next.

    Author's Response: I actually have a version where they end up not leaving after being kicked out and *they* catch Robbie with his pants down :D I was torn for so long how to do it and I have no heart to delete it. It's going on the deleted scenes feature on the DVD, hahaha. You are actually a good parent for quietly leaving, I would do that too. Only difference I would probably forget about it by the morning and hence forget the sanitizing until I notice the faint butt prints right under my scone...
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 07/13/2013 🚩
    I love that she can forgive him so easily hen he does stupid things. I love that she doesn't hold grudges, especially when he is genuinely sorry. I like that she's easy going for him, because he needs that with all the stress in his life.
    I love that Erna has a secret boyfriend. An ass slapping one. She needs that spice in her life.
    I find it hilarious that she gets all 'hey hey it's only been six weeks' about moving in together, but she'll tattoo his fricken name on her finger lol. Like that's less of a commitment or something.
    Oh my God, I was seriously laughing out loud at the gigantic chocolate cocks things lol. I just wasn't expecting it, and it was too funny. I'm interested to see if her ex comes into play at all more in the story, or if that was just a little fun added in to shake Benji up before she showed her true commitment level with the tattoo.
    I'm glad their family visit is not over. I like Em's family.
    Thank you for updating of your own free will without 'playful persuasion' *cough*threats*cough* from an outside person. It was all worth the wait for chocolate cocks.

    Author's Response: After the first story, she almost did a one-eighty, huh? Guess she *really* needed to get laid - plus a promise to get more of that again soon. Women... Just a little lovin' and they will do anything for you, right? Or wait, was it men? Hmm... As for the tattoo, she can always have it altered to (heart) Ben&Jerry's, you know, to show her never-ending love for icecream. Or the polygamist life-style. In which case also a tiny penis is going on her finger (but leaving enough space between it and the names, just in case). AND I just taught the word penis to my phone. Yay. This shall cause fun accidents.

    You know how there's this luxury chocolate manufacturer or something who makes life-sized, realistic chocolate penises filled with fondant in different tastes that comes out through the tip? These are the times I'm sad Ben isn't a real person :( perfect way to blow (hah) 60 euros.

    You just gave me an idea about Erna's boyfriend, heh ;)

    Yeah, it's nice I don't need any of that, right? Threatening people and such, so ugly.

  • Reviewed by: Leah_79 on 07/02/2013 🚩
    I love this story pretty please update soon.

    Author's Response: and also, here. Promise it's mostly written! I just keep redoing it, it's annoying.
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 06/17/2013 🚩
    Ho-ly shit. If you don't update this soon I'm going to flip. I cannot even believe all this mess! What are you trying to do to me? If he had just given in to the sex, he never would have answered the phone and this could all have been avoided... And Joel is a pain in the ass. This is his second appearance, it's like, six words long, and he's already established his assy-ness. But man, did Ben get MAD! I just-- shocked. I am shocked and I am very unhappy that I have to wait for a resolution to this. Your ass better be writing the next chapter this very moment, young lady!

    Author's Response: I'll try to get my shit together and cook up the next chapter as soon as possible. Dude needs to calm down, right? As for Joel, or more like both for Joel and Ben - some people are more territorial than others. Maybe it's in their DNA ;)
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 06/17/2013 🚩
    See, this is why I thought the sequel in Ben's POV was a good idea. For insight like the part where he's worrying about Em leaving him one day. The poor shmuck. He seems so sure that it's inevitable. I like getting into his mind like that, because he didn't come across as that type of guy in the first one, ya know? Anyway, the end of this was priceless. "Ride me." "How about not." lmao. Too funny. I'm mega stoked I have another chapter to read! Yay lol. Oh, and Em's grandma and Lily's grandpa do need too hook up stat. I'm such a sucker for foul mouthed old people.

    Author's Response: I was going back and forth for so long between the mother and the brother to catch them at the end! :D But I'm saving Mommie dearest for later. Yes, well, Benjamin is kind of messed up inside, he has some issues for sure, but nothing like another multi-chaptered story to work them out, right? Oh and maybe a bit of tough love here and there from foul mouthed old people :P
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 06/05/2013 🚩
    Update me!

    Author's Response: oh boyyy, trying to. but then I keep scrapping it. it's not that difficult, not sure what's the reason
  • Reviewed by: SHARDYMA on 06/03/2013 🚩
    OMG loved it! I hope Emmy isn't too upset with Benji about her car, and I hope Benji doesn't get into too much trouble now that he's been caught, hehehe. Trying my hardest to get caught up in everyone's stories, school is just kicking my ass LOL. Hope to get to the next chapter in he next day or so! Can't wait to get caught up in your other stories as well!

    Author's Response: Thanks, sweets! I know how school can be. I'm having it easy right now since school is over but I'm still unemplyed (woo hoo NOT) so I have plenty of time to read and review.
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 05/17/2013 🚩
    Rob does not have faith in this relationship lol. His trepidation makes me doubt it now too. I liked living with Em and Ben in fantasy land. Now fucking Rob has me thinking all adult and shit... Damn him and his common sense. And to answer your question about my review of the previous chapter, I loved the part at the beginning where Ben is all like "I’m completely drained. If I had to come one more time I’m not sure anything but air w- err, I mean, sweet little Emmy, she’s totally out! The poor girl needs some time to recover!" Too funny. Man brains... definitely different from the woman variety. Loved the update. Can't wait for more :)

    Author's Response: He's such a party pooper, right?! Damn him. Thanks, working on it :)
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 05/12/2013 🚩
    Oh man the beginning of this chapter was wonderful lol. They are not very good at keeping their shit a secret, apparently. Making out on the street isn't really the best way to stay discrete lol. Loved the chapter. Loved almost naked cooking Ben, of course. Can't wait for more!

    Author's Response: See? Cooking men. See?? :D

    I'm guessing everything is because of the 'leave me alone before 9' thing? Or he really is that dense. Anyway, as long as he buys coffee... right? What did you like about the beginning? :) I wrote it some time ago, nothing stands out to me that much.

  • Reviewed by: SHARDYMA on 05/04/2013 🚩
    Hey! Officially loved this! I have been on quite the hiatus as well, and I'm glad to see that you are back writing too. I always was a fan of your work! Can't wait for more, I'll try to get caught up in your other stories over the next few days. Excited to see how this plays out-love the story from Benji's POV

    Author's Response: Welcome back! Not that I should be talking because I'm pretty much on and off around here but I'm trying and working on this :) You're so sweet! Stop the compliments before I get too big headed :D I think I love his POV too! It's a challenge and he'll be interesting to write :)
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 04/22/2013 🚩
    Lord darling, that was intense lol. You wrote his POV very well. I like getting insight into his mind, and will be interested to see what else goes on in there when it's not focused on getting ass (which will be like, 4% of the time right?) I can't wait to see where you take this story. I can't wait to see another update!

    Author's Response: Well, they say an average man thinks about sex every 50 seconds so if this is true, that means yes, pretty much :D The rest of it is still partly up in the air. I'm not entirely sure where this story is about to go either but we'll figure it out. And we'll be in his head for the whole run so I guess we'll know him pretty well by the time it ends :) Next chap is halfway done, it should be up in a few days.
  • Reviewed by: deathrowhearts on 04/20/2013 🚩
    Yay! So glad you're back! Someone did give a damn! Right here.
    I love the switch in POV to see what he's thinking for a change and how drawn to her he really is. Plus, how hot of a first chapter! Damn you're trying to kill us. lol

    Author's Response: You did give a damn and I love you :) Did you really like it? I was insanely worried about not being able to pull off his POV, sex from his POV (especially sex from his POV) it was driving me crazy and it was the main reason of the delay. But no, I'm not trying to kill anyone ;) Again, I love you, thank you for reading and reviewing :)