Reviews For Achilles' Heel

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  • Reviewed by: A7X_Lover13 on 05/20/2015 🚩
    So the plot thickens. I am excited to see where this story goes. I am already so involved with it!
  • Reviewed by: yellowzebra on 05/19/2015 🚩
    I really like this story! Keep updating!!
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 01/19/2015 🚩
    Shit, I really do enjoy this story. I wish I got to read updates more often. God, I love to hate an asshole Benji. And this chapter was that to a T. I love all your original characters. They all add since elements to the story. I like seeing a little insight into Joel. And I loved Tony per usual, even with a small little part this time around. Keep it up. Still loving it!
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 11/11/2014 🚩
    Just came by to reply to a review on my story and saw an update. Yay :) Still loving it. Love the story. Love the characters. Love the humor. It's all good times. Still no clue where it's going from here. This Tony/Benji/Addy dynamic is very intriguing. Obviously Tony wants her shit, I'm pretty sure Benji now wants her shit, and she seems completely complacent living without both of their shit. So that's fun. Anyway, as always, happy to see more.

    Author's Response:
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 08/09/2014 🚩
    Oh my. I wish I could get as much joy from shaving. Wait... wait. Do they think she and Crock are together? It's nice they've spent so much time getting to know her (eye roll) And now that Gabby is here, can she share with Crock so Addy can share with Tony and she can get her wanton whore on?
  • Reviewed by: silverstein on 03/26/2014 🚩
    Yay!! I like that you added NFG. Good job!!! This is super cute. Keep going :)
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 03/25/2014 🚩
    I must have missed the last update on this because there were two chapters I hadn't read... either way. Still super cute and enjoying it. Looking forward to more :)
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 06/25/2013 🚩
    I did like it. I wish it was either longer or updated more often, but I did like it lol. It's a fun story. I hope you continue.

    Author's Response:

    I'm working on another update. I had a few circumstances that were beyond my control, but I really want to keep up with it. I have the important pieces mapped out in my strange little head, just a matter of getting them onto paper.

  • Reviewed by: kortrhill on 06/24/2013 🚩
    This is going to be such a good story. Love it!
  • Reviewed by: kortrhill on 06/24/2013 🚩
    I thoroughly enjoy this story so much already!
  • Reviewed by: silverstein on 06/22/2013 🚩
    More more more more! Good job!
  • Reviewed by: silverstein on 06/22/2013 🚩
  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 04/08/2013 🚩
    Loved it! Can't wait to see if they actually play nice or not. And I love me some Tony, so I like seeing him in this story. Can't wait for more :)
  • Reviewed by: vintagexplastic on 03/29/2013 🚩
    enjoying it so far :)

    Author's Response:

    Thanks! Next chapter should be up soon-ish!

  • Reviewed by: DeviousPenguins on 03/23/2013 🚩
    I adore this pretty hard already. Can't wait for more :)

    Author's Response:

    Aw, thanks!  I just submitted the next chapter, so hopefully it'll be up soon.  :)